the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem.

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I finished my 12 hours trip today to the Jerusalem area.
The day was windy, cold, and rainy, 7C is not too cold for some of you, but you need to try this combination of strong wind with the endless pouring rain - and you will understand very quickly that 7C in Jerusalem is very cold :-)
I photographed this scenery from the Mount of Olives or Jabal al-Zaytun in Arabic.
" The mount has been used as a Jewish cemetery for over 3,000 years and holds approximately 150,000 graves". (from Wiki).
You can see the walls of the Jerusalem old city and the Golden Dome of the Rock or Qubbat aṣ-Ṣakhra on the Temple Mount.

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Wow thanks for sharing that photo perspective of the mount of olives. Are those trees olive trees?