What is the Van Kush Beauty Economy?

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This is a Large Concept, but I am going to put this into a post that describes the Niche being filled by our Economy, by showing what exists and what is missing in the existing Crypto Environment. These are Pictures of my Beautiful Wife, Kali Van Kush.



What we are doing first, is creating a Facebook group and Creating a Network, we have written several posts describing our intentions and now have written 3 Van Kush Family Guides to the Game, which will be an expansive series. My Wife and I are writing the Guide together, it's not about us just about our Perception and Personal Virtues. I am also writing a Bibliotheca or Metamorphoses, which are Ancient Books today we might call Spell Books, which then gets into the concept of the Photography.

We are inviting Businesses to come to the Blockchain to create Rewards Programs, this starts with my Wife and I, and a company called Alchemy's Hemporium, as well as several other Businesses, Models, etc. We will then be paying for Facebook Ads to share the Van Kush Beauty Economy Concepts like this post, or Instructions to create Accounts and Buy STEEM and BLURT, or How to Buy the Businesses Tokens, etc, etc. There will be future Guides featuring my Wife showing people more examples, and how to use Hashtags and seek out specific Programs and Users to participate with to earn Cryptocurrency. So what will happen is everyone joining early on now is getting a chance to Buy BLURT cheap, or STEEM, and become part of the Infrastructure of what we are building, so as Models, or Companies, and their Customers begin to Join later, you will be there for people to talk about "Go to this Account and they can help you", "This person does Makeup Guides", "This person sells Herbs", etc, etc, with Rewards Programs attached. Also, the first 6 months or so when new Tokens are created they may seem like they are not growing quickly, or like only one Token of our Community of Tokens is doing well, but as each 1 does well everyone can invest in what they themselves are doing when they are holding other people's Tokens. So the Tokens themselves are like Businesses and as 1 does well, it creates a group of investors for the others to start growing from. All while the Rewards grow a Community of Models, Product Placement, Witchcraft, Sales, etc.

This then will be expanded to State, Nation, Church, Temple, etc, Currencies. We will also reach out to Chinese and Indian Factories and ask them to accept STEEM, TRC20 and BSC Tokens for Alibaba Products. We will then also seek materials from Africa and South America, such as Oils, Balsams, Plants, etc. We can be compared to the Peace, Abundance, Liberty (PAL) Network, or Bitcoin Foundation, or other 3rd Party type Crypto Development Organization.

With DeFi what we really are primarily seeing is called, "Decentralized Finance", meaning no Bank for your Loan, you get Interest on Invested Coins and can take out Loans based on what is Deposited, and when Coins are Liquid, not locked in somewhere, you can Swap them so as they change value, or new ones are listed, you swap into the one about to Spike, and you have a big load of the Coins because you picked them up early. It's also kind of a utility for transfers, and maybe you have to get a certain coin for a certain DeFi platform, so you Swap to that. You can also get Tokens that earn, like Stakable, or Minable, or Loop Mining Tokens.

So in short, while that is all a big list, this mostly provides utility to people holding Fiat, you have to have USD, or Pesos, or Euros, or whatever in order to Buy in, or you have to already have Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc, then this becomes a great utility for you. Who is not benefiting is the Poor, there are plenty of early investor Opportunities, SHIB all over Facebook right now is an example, plenty of people will now have Capital from that, but then there is the example. What we are going to see is Facebook create a Cryptocurrency, maybe several,bot even a Toolkit to launch STEEM-Engine, HIVE-Engine Token Bots in your group, or on Instagram etc. Facebook having a Token at all provides Capital, we will see other Companies also copying them. So basically what we need now, is what we see on Facebook, and Discord, and Telegram. No one thinks of those 2 as Social Media platforms like FB, Twitter, etc. But those platforms are centers for things just like Facebook groups but bigger, and sometimes more personal, and with several Rooms on each Discord server. But those provide kind of an AOL Instant messenger service that Crypto relies on Heavily, but it itself is not related to Crypto Currencies. But what I think we will see is more Discord Bots to Host Severs which are attached to Tokens, we will see Tokens on Facebook and Telegram, like Participation based level ups, like MEE6 does on Discord, but real money based rewards with Crypto. This then will be on Facebook, more people will listen to friends who launch a Token because they will have DIEM Coins or other Facebook based coins.

We can already see a great example of this on Steemit, with STEEM, and on HIVE. It's all starting with those and BLURT really, but we do see Investor Discussion communities on Discord, Telegram and FB already, so as more Social Media Platforms adopt Currencies, we will then see DeFi merge into that.

A Discord Chat Token should form as a Stakable Token, and they should then be Stakable in DeFi, TRX is another example and it is now attached to Steemit. ETH and TRX and really the center of DeFi, and Graphene Blockchains are part of that, they allow anyone to earn some Crypto and bust in the Market. And then it should be DAOs that form in Facebook Groups, and Discord Chats, etc. A DeFi DAO is then what ETH and TRX are offering, or Liquidity Mining, or Loop Mining, or operating your own DEX and accepting fees, but all of it needs Social Media for the Discussion part.

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