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If you look at the Price we can see a few things, first it has been steadily at $0.03 or so for a week or so now, this is a moment we should all be Announcing. Everyone who has ever heard of Bitcoin should be hearing from BLURT users that it went from $0.003 to $0.03, a Massive Increase. They should also be told that this is just the beginning and it is time to Buy.

You can see the $900 for the 24hr Trade Volume, and we have seen pretty steadily for about 2 weeks now, purchases of $200-$2000 per Day, meaning there are now people who seem to be regularly Buying BLURT every Day, but this needs to go up. To understand the Dynamics here we can study what a Ponzi Scheme is, that is a Business Model where Money comes in from Investor Pool A, with a promise of 10% or 20% returns or whatever, this Money is then usually sent in some kind of Rap Startup Model, where you take it until you make it by renting a $500,000 Car, and Leasing a Nice Home, and Buying a Wardrobe, to then make Videos telling everyone they can make 20% back, and then Paying Investor Pool A with those Proceeds from Investor Pool B now coming in, and at some point it has to fall apart. You may see a great looking Ponzi Scheme with lots of big earners looking great, but by the Time you go to withdraw there is no money. This also can be compared to Social Security Income. What we then have to See is that we need alternative Pools of Income, there has to be the Brochure for the Timeshare, or the Restaurant Chain everyone is investing in, or even the Tupperware, Knife and Health Pill Pyramid, there has to be another Source of Income apart from the Investors. For BLURT this can include several industries like Silver, Gold, and various eCommerce Implementations; but should definitely include a number of Tokens we all share with each other. BLURT users should each be holding like 10 Tokens each and 1 of their own Making, while regularly giving everyone updates about the price of BLURT, and your Token, and other Tokens. If this is going to be your Job you have to make it your Job.


This Chart should be at least 100 Places on Facebook, the fact that this Photo of CoinMarketCap does not exist on 100 different Websites, or 100 Different Facebook Pages, is our downfall. This should also not just be in 100 Places, but every day we should want those places to get putting up new Images. The Fans of those people should be able to see "Oh, it's going up", because... They saw it Yesterday, or last Week. And they Notice it's a new update every day or week, so they themselves now have an understanding of the movements of the Price of BLURT from what they see over time, and then can say "I saw it was $0.03, then $0.05, now $0.15, maybe I should Buy before it's too late", we need to Build that Audience. We need an App for people to check on their phone at work, with a Link to Exchanges, etc. We need Compilation of Trade Data for New Consumers to use.

The Mechanisms Behind How BLURTers Will Become Millionaires

If you want BLURT to go up it can't just be you noticing, you should be telling Friends and Family, posting it on your Facebook Wall and Sharing it to Twitter, whatever Social Media you use should have Updated so everyone who reads your content knows when BLURT goes up or down. When you see a good post that could help everyone share it with them, and there is no reason we shouldn't see 3-4-5 then 10 and 50 BLURT based groups on Facebook helping everyone Communicate and Curate, MetaVerse may account for things like that, we may be able to have as many Tokens supporting BLURT as groups like HIVE-Engine and STEEM-Engine Tokens, but for Facebook groups implemented where Group Badges are now.

When BLURT changes prices, you should tell everyone. When it goes up 100% Announce it, you should go to as many News, Cryptocurrency eMagazines, Exchanges, YouTubers, etc, etc. And show them, show them a picture where BLURT is $0.04 then $0.08, tell them it is very likely to soon be $0.50. When it drops from $0.50 to $0.10, Announce to everyone that it is time to Buy. Pick an Altcoin Forum to Join, an Investment Forum, create a post on BLURT and share it to every Cryptocurrency Facebook group you are in. You aren't just there to tell everyone when you are doing good, you are giving them an update on something they can, or did invest in. You want to catch their attention the first time, get them to Buy in; but, then you want them to be informed, make sure they know when the Price goes down it's just time to Buy More. Reassure them, Inform them, Teach them, create the BLURT Resource in their Lives, and use everyone else to support you. We should all be working together and ever merging programs we create, the same way you might create a Post telling everyone about each and every Delegation program in one post, create Posts that share other groupings of knowledge that can be used by New comers. So once they invest they have Direction.

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Just buy the dips. It’s so easy … the fastest way to $1 Blurt is to buy every dip.

Sharing ideas is easy. If you are so sure about your ideas then start doing something practically.

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Lol, lol,
I'm the creator and operator of the Official BLURT Facebook group, and the written of all the most popular BLURT articles to outside audiences,
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Lol. Maybe you try something practical.

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