The Mechanisms Behind How BLURTers Will Become Millionaires

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If you are interested in learning the Mechanisms behind Graphene Prices, the first place to look is a Block Explorer

I will get into each of the Values represented on that page, and how the effect the Value of your personal Wallet. First, everyone should know most people on BLURT are not in the United States, and there are currently under 10,000 users on the entire Platform. I will get deeper into how those things are also a factor.

Current supply
440174127.312 BLURT

That is the Current Supply, about 440 Million each one is between about $0.01 and $0.04, we can compare this to HIVE and STEEM which have been around for longer generally, as STEEM has existed since like 2016 and HIVE came from Steemit users leaving and creating their own Platform with the old Creator after Justin Sun bought the Platform. BLURT was created in 2020, it was not started on Steemit or HIVE Blog, the users simply came together and used a Discord Chat to anchor their community. Many of the users are from Steemit or HIVE Blog, and generally before my Wife and I started the Van Kush Beauty Economy, people only learned about BLURT when trying to discover ways to earn more on other Platforms.

Price: $0.03

The Current Price is about $0.03 to learn the best practices for Buying and Trading BLURT read the guides in the following 2 links, I made them very detailed so you will be able to go straight to earning after you read them, and can keep the Bookmarked or open in a Tab.

How to Make the Most Money Trading BLURT

How to Buy BLURT and STEEM + Behind the Scenes of Trading for Newbies and Blockchain Developers: Market Caps, Value, Markets, Moon Ramps, Dollar Pegged Coins and Token Economies

There are now at least 4 of these Graphene Platforms, Steemit, HIVE Blog, BLURT Blog and Scorum. Steemit is steadily around $0.50, HIVE around $0.80, BLURT around $0.03 and Scorum around $0.03, the last 2 are new, but none of these are even close to Facebook or Twitter type numbers, and we can see BLURT and Scorum as lower because they are newer and have smaller user numbers than the other 2. We can then see the cheaper 2 as good investments, which can then be used in Isolation on that Platform, or can then be traded, so that if you have 100,000 or 1,000,000 BLURT or Scorum you can use 1/3 to Invest in STEEM and 1/3 on HIVE to Maximize your Audience and Earnings, STEEM coming with STEEM Backed Dollar Rewards with each SBD being worth $6.00 USD, and HIVE having HIVE-Engine Tokens to invest in, or create one yourself.

Transaction Fees
Operation Flat Fee: 0.001 BLURT
Bandwidth Fee/KByte: 0.200 BLURT
Account Creation Fee: 10.000 BLURT

BLURT is the only Platform with Transaction Fees and so far the Owners/Operators have generally been Fair about this and change the Fee to match the Price of BLURT, so that it is not really a Tax on your posts, just a small Fee. The longer your post and the more Pictures and Data it has, the more it costs to post, in a way this is like Buying Space on the Cloud. We can see this as no different than PayPal accepting Fees or the Cryptocurrency Exchanges, and it can be used by the Owners/Operators of BLURT or eventually once BLURT itself is very profitable just on Curation, etc, they can Burn the Fees, creating Rarity. This can also be seen as an issue to be resolved in the Hard Forks, and BLURT has a set up where the first 2 years I think it is, they have a weighted Vote in that, so there should not be any big changes in the next few months or anything, but over the years this will become a bigger issue, and there may be BLURT Soft Forks all over the place, just like HIVE, BLURT and Scorum to Steeemit/STEEM, we may see 3-4-5 or 100 BLURT Clones. And the more BLURT you own now, the more likely you are to have that account Forked so you are sitting on a good chunk of Forked BLURT Chain Coins on the other Chain when it grows. And to this point, we may see BLURT go to $0.10 or $0.20 or so and quickly drop to $0.05, no one should be concerned by this early on as there are people from Steemit and HIVE with Coins sitting there that they see as cheap and useless, but when it goes up they may decide they want to cash out. Just like you might on a Future BLURT Clone, so just look at that as Time to Buy.

Annual rate: 9.43%

Inflation is how much is earned by all Avenues in a year, at 9.43% we can use estimates at 10% to make it easier. If there are 400,000,000 then 40,000,000 more will be made that year. We can see this as meaning that as more people join with high weighted accounts the individual Rewards will go down, creating Rarity; so Prices go up as BLURT Rewards go down. We can also see this as part of being a Witness, and this number then becomes what you need to teach people to become a part of. As a Witness you want the biggest fraction of that 10% you can get, and that means you want your Voters to be themselves getting the biggest fraction because the more they are holding, the more they matter to your Rank.

Staked Supply
Fund: 232406128.920 BLURT
Shares: 223680606.928151 VESTS

This shows how much of the >400,000,000 is locked up in BLURT Power being used for it's intended Purpose, rather than sitting on the exchange being Sold. The higher this number is, the more Rare BLURT is on the exchange.

When we look at the Staked Supply, and Total Supply, together with Inflation, we can start to calculate how much Money has to go into BLURT daily to Raise the Value, and the more that stays Staked in BLURT Power and the more that is awarded and then Staked, instead of Sold, the more Rare it becomes. So this means we not just need to work to get people to Lock up the old BLURT, but as much new BLURT as possible. This then creates a Vicious Cycle that can become very Lucrative for everyone, as people with very little BLURT seek Votes from those big Holders as they Lock up more and more, because the more you hold the more desirable your Vote is both to those building BLURT Power and those Selling.

Reward fund
1907327.596 BLURT
for next 15 days
127155.173 BLURT per day
recent claims 99912459829245
gap : 76359.949 BLURT

This shows how much BLURT has been released by Witness Mining and is already now in the Pool to be awarded for Blogging. This is very Math heavy and not something you will ever really use unless trying to describe to people in detail why they earn or reward different amounts for the same Vote day to day, this number doesn't get too drastically different, so as the user number increases, we will be sharing that same Rewards Pool.

So if you are earning now Selling as you get the BLURT, you are wasting a moment of great Individual Upliftment, which is what this should be seen as, a Time to get a lot of BLURT cheaper and easier than it will ever be again.

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