Our Health Regimen, Plant Medicine for Humans

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For the past 30 days or so my Wife and I have been taking the Vitamins and Minerals in the Links below, the goal of this was to give our Bodies all the basic Elements from the Periodic Table of Elements.

images (1).jpeg

You could call the next part like, Plant Medicine for Humans: Amino Acids and Calendula,
Plants use Arganine and Aspartic Acid basically to build everything else. So we are starting there, and have gotten several things to build on that, and will soon add to those all whole posting all of these on BLURT, Steemit and HIVE, as we did previously.








This will help everyone Following Kali Van Kush and using our Tokens become Healthier, as the Soaps, Lotions, Creams, Oils, etc, are all intended themselves to have Magical Benefits, and this is optimized by ingestion of a Health Regimen like this, as for example, you can rub Collagen on your skin to make your Skin Healthier, but you also can eat the Collagen to increase your intake, and allow your Body to send it where it wants to go.

So we started with the Periodic Table of Elements, the Chelated Minerals, Calcium, Vitamin C, Quartz, Creatine, a Fruit and Veggie Probiotic, B Vitamin Complex, with a good Bone Mix. My Wife has been taking SeroVital regularly and I had been taking an HGH releasing Peptide, but not regularly. We now have a bunch of Arganine in 2 Blends, and a Pure Powder, as well as Aspartic Acid and a few other things, and the Blends themselves contain several other things, we will also soon get a BCAA blend.

This can be compared to like the Veg and Flower Stage for Plants, not a direct Correlation but we are kind of working on Bones first, the Muscles and Skin quality and definition, then we will do a kind of Fat Flush.

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