Kali Van Kush's Next Move

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Kali Van Kush is creating what will be an entire Beauty Economy.





What we will be doing this weekend is preparing a STEEM-Engine Token Launch for Van Kush Beauty. We have invested in Dance Token (DT) and ActNEarn, so we can start to also work on the prices of other Steemit Tokens, and benefit ourselves while doing so which will be to the benefit of everyone as we are the ones doing it in the first place to boost growth, so it is a Win-Win for everyone.



This push will include a Distribution Bot for our coming Token so it will be Stakable, we have 2,000 ENG so this may also include a Front End, and will definitely include a Steemit Group. So we will then combine that with a coming Etsy Shop to then constitute a Launch and Opening, which we will announce on various Platforms (we will want people to come to BLURT to share in Curation rewards from what we will have here) and then Advertise those Announcements on larger Social Media platforms.

This will include a Tutorial type post for how to Join whatever website the announcement is on with Links to all the groups, and other announcements on other websites, etc. So everyone can find everything wherever they are coming in from the Ads.

We will include how and where to Buy BLURT, STEEM and HIVE Tutorials, then How To Buy our Tokens, How to Make Your Own Token, How To Find All Our Groups, How To Earn in All Our Groups, etc, etc. This will then make everything better for everyone in the long run.

And this Weekend we are preparing our STEEM-Engine Operations.

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Good point.

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