Expanding DeFi, Part 2

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Tokens need exchanges, we should begin working to get BLURT listed in as many places as possible, while also making Tokens and getting those listed as many places as possible:

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I want to get into what Steemit and BLURT users can do to help. And just to put her pictures to good use, and as an example, here are some of my Wife's pictures, more coming soon.


This is not going to be the Internet of Money, it is the Hashtags of Money.

The same way Cryptonote created a system where anyone can create a Coin, and Forknote created a more streamlined version. I am going to add to that, and I will teach everyone who wants to learn, how to make their own Coin using the page where the Religious Coin files are; we will start with Ethereum, but then move to Forknote, etc. So I will take the Ethereum, Cryptonote information, and the Bytecoin information, and everything I have done to figure it out, and the things we went through to make their Instructions work. And I will make it easy for everyone, and since everyone's first question is probably "What would I make a Coin for?", my main point will be to Answer that Question for everyone. For your Town, for your Religion, for your Church, for your Charity, for your Government Organization, for your anything. Create a Coin.

Then I will teach people how to get the Coin used by more people. The Cryptocoin system is no different than the Stock Market, or Currency Exchanging between Countries Currencies. It is the same. And it would make a lot more sense if they had meaning.

And btw, I want to explain something about how the Market works for everyone, and about how we can make some money once our Coin has Value. A "Bitcoin Whale" is a person who has a ton of Bitcoin, the concept also exists in other things like Stocks. A Bitcoin Whale has so many Bitcoin, that if they sell a percentage of them, they can actually change the entire Bitcoin market. So, they use this leverage to make Money. The worst/best example is a Bear Whale. A Bear Whale drops the prices so low it scares everyone, then everyone Sells. So then the Bear Whale buys all the Coins everyone is frantically Selling Lower and Lower, they get a bunch of cheap Bitcoins, then they raise the Price back up.

So, the first 100 or so people that are involved in mining and bounties of my Currencies, will have that kind of Power over the regional coin's market. And we can make a lot of Money with that by itself, or that mixed with Bitshares Assets, or that mixed with another Currency we make later, etc.

We are also will be setting up Ethereum Based and Cryptonote Mining Pool, so that when we begin launching our Ethereum Clone, Tokens and Cryptonotes, we can just add them to our own Pool. So anyone who is interested in Mining, and knows a little about Programming, this is a way where once there are Hundreds and Thousands of people Mining our Coins, their best bet to get the most Coins will be to join a Pool, put their Mining power toward the Pool, get a portion of all the Coins the Pool gets from every Block, and the owner of the Pool collects a small amount of fees from everyone. But once the Coin is up and running, people can start setting up Pools. I also want to point out that if you launch a Blockchain and announce it on Bitcointalk it is not hard to find a Mining Pool to accept you, they will actually even reach out to you.

And you can set up Pools for various Coins, so you can add new Coins that you want people to mine to your Pool.

Think about it this way, why do you buy a Stock? Because you heard that Google or Apple or Tesla are launching something new. The US Dollar Represents a County, the British Pound Represents a County, the Chinese Yuan Represents a Country. What does Bitcoin Represent?

Imagine if when #IceBucketChallenge happened, instead of doing it to get people to Donate, what if you could have mined #IceBucket coin, and given money to Research that way? They could even Premine 50% of the Coin Automatically in the Code (our Coin won't have premine, but the purpose would usually be fundraising), then launched the #IceBucketChallenge, and you can actually Mine the Hashtag, and make money from the Hashtag while the creator of the Hashtag makes money.

But you can also do it for your Town, for your Company, for your Temple or Church, for anything. And share it like a Hashtag, and people don't have to dedicate themselves to 1 Coin, you can mine as many as you want.

And with Cryptonotes, the big Mining Farms can't take all of the Coins, because they are made for Computer and Laptop Mining. So these are Coins that can't really become to hard for anyone to mine, as long as everyone knows where the new ones are. Ethereum is Similar.

We are going to be creating Currencies that are meant to be used by you, and your City, or you, and your Church, or you, and your Employees and Customers; not coins that are meant to be shared with people who already mine Coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. We almost don't even want those people to know about these Coins; because the more directly involved they are in the growth of these coins, the less they will actually connected to the communities they claim to represent. If a bunch of MIT Bitcoiners get involved with a Coin called "Eskimo Coin", and no Eskimos are using it, but all the MIT guys are using it, then how is it really Eskimo Coin? We almost have to keep the Bitcoin people out, until each coin gets its footing in its community, then present the Currency (e.g. Eskimo Coin) as a representation of that Community, no different from a Stock representing Apple or Google and their Employees and profits.

Other ethereum blockchains we could benefit from making tokens on various blockchains and have them all being traded by aura users it will bring capital to our exchanges.


If anyone wants to get started doing custom stuff you can use metamask and truffle suite, this is what ethereum is meant for not just creating smart contracts but creating blockchains so its not hard to connect ethereum tools to the new blockchains

Here are some more tools

If you have heard of bitshares that is where a lot of this blockchain stuff is coming from and moving forward out of they have assets instead of tokens

Here is another ethereum game

Ethereum projects

Example of an ethereum game on a website requiring a wallet on the blockchain

Here is an example of a script that could be used as the basis for a smart contract that pays users to write on a website

Smart contract security

Here are a bunch of ethereum smart contracts


Here is how people create tokens on the ethereum platform

This is a web browser similar to mozilla or google chrome or internet explorer that exists on the ethereum blockchain

Token generators

QR code generators for smartphones

Resources for solidity users

Here is an example of a pretty detailed smart contract token

these are similar to the youstock idea but different

review writing token

article writing token

social media like facebook

japanese social media

like youtube but with a token

a virtual reality with tokens

a smart contract meant to unify exchanges in some cross platform way

an exchange that seems to have some new ideas

supposedly this token allows you to monetize your email address by accepting random emails

content market

a social media thing to meet new people

a currency that watches the market and changes its value

like kickstarter or gofundme

create mesh networks for tokens

this is like cloud mining but you can buy a share in any monetized machine so a robot that does labor could be owned by 100 people who profit from the labor whether they are directly involved with the company or not or it could be used for cloud mining services

here are some more interesting smart contracts just to show everyone what exists and what can be created on the aura blockchain

bitcoin as an ethereum token meaning a blockchain on a blockchain

minereum a self mining blockchain

300 token is a token that exists on minereum which exists on ethereum meaning it is something like a blockchain on a blockchain on a blockchain

a proof-of-stake ethereum token

this is basically the exact same thing as youstocks

another youstock type platform

a youstock type exchange where you can supposedly create tokens

airdrop as a service

a social market currency

another article writing token

a book publishing token

like soundcloud on the blockchain

this is a trading bot like the gunbot thing that you purchase except it runs on a token

this is a virtual reality where you either mine gold or do things to make money from the people mining gold

a lottery

another lottery

bounty token connected to an ico bounty website

another youtube with a token

here is a poll taking token but I am not sure if they pay the people that take the polls that is not clear

this seems to be a token that watches all the other tokens for you

this token is putting games on a blockchain so gamers can pay miners for running the game and everything

internet and cloud type services on the blockchain

this is something called mercury protocol and has something called the global messaging token (gmt) I am not sure this is the main thread but I can't find a main on

this is a coin you supposedly get when you buy certain things

like a mining stock that represents a certain amount of mining power in a mining facility and can be rented or sold

indorse is meant to get you paid for sharing your online data

proof-of-time blockchain

a gaming token that pays you not to die

another virtual reality token

a token that pays you to participate

a token to help students find jobs

tokenizing assets like silver

pay in any cryptocurrency using 1 token platform

senderon is helping fund crypto projects

crypto hedge fund creation

a token for elearning and teaching each other and helping each other

this one says you can mine tokens using existing social media accounts like facebook

a few more social media platforms

Some of these links are old, I've been putting all this together for years, but these are ETH Token Generators









With BLURT yield Token, it would be better if it included a Liquidity Token attached related to it, this is the Proof of Liquidity Token Git to Clone

This is a Parody Bud Lite made of me when I was Developing Cryptocurrency Towns, they pretended I wanted to be Mayor and some in the Media still pretend I wanted to be Mayor

Here is an Article about me, after this the MITers and Bitcoin Foundation banned me, cursing them to the shadows as I was like the most accepted Face by the Public and Media. I'm why many of you know about Bitcoin at all.

We will be making Towns, and starting that with a Token Launching hub for businesses and Governments, like a Help Desk, then Blockchain hub, and Mining Pools, then Towns. We have land in Texas and plans for other States and Countries.

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