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These first two Screenshots shows that BLURT has steadily held above $0.03 USD for a little while now. This is the kind of thing that can be looked at, Market Stability, to determine if you have a Stable Currency to invest in. While Cryptocurrencies are like Stocks, with no Central Issuing Authority like a Federal Reserve and a set amount generally to be made (called a Cap, we will discuss Capless currencies also here), and a Capital Gains Tax like Stock or Property; it is still a Currency so you can see the "Bitcoin Community", as like the US Banking System or Venezuelan Banking System, we can directly compare Currency Value with the Commodities, Imports, Exports, etc a Nation has and in Venezuela Bitcoin has actually been more stable than the State Peso, and as we all know Bitcoin increases value, so as the Venezuelan Peso Collapsed everyone moved into Bitcoin both boosting Bitcoin Sales and News. So when Investing you want to look at the lowest price in the last 21+ Days as your secure Price. So we can now say BLURT is becoming Secure above $0.03 USD. So if you invested today and somehow it went down after that (it would go up usually) you could trust that likely someone or everyone will buy it back to $0.03 USD.

The Mechanisms Behind How BLURTers Will Become Millionaires

If you follow that Link you will find the Mechanisms behind this, by understanding that you can start to make better investment decisions. That tells you, if you are a big investor or pitching a Delegation Program Plan, or Curation Plan, or Token Creation to Buy BLURT, those numbers are what tells you what % ownership they are Buying of the Entire Platform. The following post gets into how much it costs, as now at $0.03 it is the best price you will likely ever get, and it was $0.003; so it has gone up 10x, or went up by a 1:10 or 1/10 Ratio, meaning $1.00 spent a few weeks ago is now $10.00, but will likely never go back, as will be explained in the Guide you are reading.

Buy Walls and Sell Walls

If we break down the information in the Links with Estimates on the Mechanisms post, we can say there is about 450,000,000 BLURT today, it goes up 10% every year. So if you Buy 1,000 BLURT and Lock it up to use for Curation or Delegation, you will likely get about 100 BLURT back throughout the year. If you Buy 100,000 BLURT you are likely to get 10,000 BLURT. If you Buy 1,000,000 BLURT you are likely to get 100,000 BLURT. If you Buy 10,000,000 BLURT (you now own 2.2% of the Market) you are likely to get 1,000,000 BLURT; and, your purchase would raise the Price of BLURT, such a large Purchase would Buy up all the $0.03 BLURT, so the Purchase could end up being for $0.20 BLURT or so by the time it's all said and done, and if you want to save Money, you want to put up Buy Orders and let others Sell to you over Time as part of their Cash Out Process. Now, if you go for the Thrifty method and end up having competition, like an Auction, someone could come Buy it all up by offering a higher Price.


This image above shows the History of BLURT, it has only existed for about a year, and is still has a small user base, growing very quickly. Anyone Cashing Out BLURT should be trying to Spend 10% on Facebook Ads and Google Ads, bringing in more Users, Investors, Fans for yourself, etc, etc. The more people we have holding BLURT, the higher the Value goes, so by bringing in a new person, who could be sparking a community that invites 100,000 members to BLURT this year, you may have an Ad with your post go to someone who invest 1,000x what you could, and they like your writing and give you a few Upvotes one day, anyone could join and change everything for you, or everyone. So do not skimp on Ads, that will bring us to a place where we are competitive with Websites like Twitter. The 10% is easy to fluctuate for yourself, as if you post you can earn Votes, if you become a Witness you can Mine BLURT, and if you create a Token you can Buy it with your Token, even Directly for BLURT.Pegged Token if your Token is Hosted on HIVE-Engine.

You may be reading this and thinking, "What have I found here, this is very interesting, I've never understood Cryptocurrency so clearly, but I only really knew about Bitcoin before, and really... I guess I don't know what Bitcoin is...". This next part is for you, if you are a Young Person and have a Grandparent who wants to Invest in a Job for you, or if you are trying to get some other Traditional Investor (Gold, Stocks, Foreign Exchange) to move to Crypto, BLURT, STEEM and HIVE (Called Graphene) are a good place to start, it is much like a Bank Account and Interest. We will now though get into the History of the Price of Bitcoin while detailing how BLURT will follow much of the same pattern.


So looking at the full chart you may not recognize much right away, it "Looks like a Stock Market thing, like the BLURT one", so now we can start to compare the History of Bitcoin to the Future of BLURT. I was around when Bitcoin was $5.00 each, it's $50,000 each now. People called me Crazy when I said BTC would be $1,000 and again when I said it would be $10,000. Now it's not odd to see someone say Bitcoin will reach $1,000,000 each. Here we can start to get into why. First, it may do readers good to understand Bitcoin is a Digital Currency, much like a Balance on a Banking App, but it first found its use as a Widespread Currency on the Silk Road, a Dark Web Market that sells Drugs, Guns, etc, and was shut down or taken over by the DEA when Hits (Assassinations) were paid for and Body parts were planned to start being Sold. We can also see that the Introduction of Precious Metals for Crypto generally raises the Price, as it then becomes a 4 Way Game in what is usually a 3 Way Trade. So when the USD is Strong everything is supposedly good right, we can Buy lots of Pesos or other Currency, and during Brexit British Pounds were Low, so you could Buy them with the Strong Dollar, knowing the British Pound was likely to go back to a Strong position, so those kinds of Trades are Earning opportunities. But when Stocks Dive, when the Stock Market takes a Hit, Gold Prices go way up as everyone Sells Stocks and Buys Gold for Security. So in reality, if the Stock Hit is Temporary, you technically could use a Higher Valued Gold, to Cash Out, and Buy Lower Valued Stocks. So it is sometimes good to Buy Gold when no one wants it, to Sell when everyone does. But adding Cryptocurrency to this, now you have the Ability to maybe purchase a $0.03 USD Coin and Trade it for $0.50 in Silver one Day in the Future. Or you can Cash Out a High Valued Gold to Purchase a Low Valued Cryptocurrency that will become Strong again, just like you could a Stock or Foreign Currency with High Value Gold. But if you are the Silver and Gold Salesman, someone may give you 100,000 BLURT for something for the Novelty maybe, or because they can afford to lose that much BLURT, and you hold it until it's $0.50 and make a Killing. And because there is a Novelty Factor, as well as the Ability to Run Ads, etc. As you Sell more Gold and Silver and become more Popular, you will make BLURT go up in Value. People will Join just because they heard they can Buy Gold with BLURT, so suddenly they want to Buy up all the cheap BLURT to earn more and Buy Gold. You can also see how an Established Precious Metals Dealer joining early BLURT could easily take 2% of the Market or much more.

The following Screenshot shows early Bitcoin Days, from 2013-2016 in the Graph you could see that the Price was generally stable and Low. At one point it went from $5.00 to $30.00 and people were telling each other "Don't Worry, it will be affordable again", and that was 2010-2013 but you can see in 2016 it broke $1,000 and took a Moon Ramp Up, for years it was Stuck Between $400-$1000, then hovered around $1,000 before quickly going to $10,000 all at once and then going to $18,000 before resting around $10,000 and later going up to $80,000 before resting at around $50,000 Today as you can see in the following charts.



What we are looking at is Bitcoin going from under 10,000 in maybe 2010 to 100,000 holders to now Millions or Hundreds of Millions, still yet to reach Billions of People. BLURT has around 10,000 active users, not very many yet. But we are all starting to Buy Ads, and the Currency is $0.03 and going up steadily, this is all News, and likely as it is going to go up quickly people reading this may be seeing it at $0.10, $0.50, etc already. BLURT has yet to reach 100,000 People or 1,000,000 People, all of which will bring a Raised Price.


Below we can see Bitcoin has a Zillion Dollar Market Cap, which is because there are a Certain Number of Coins is existence, called a Circulating Supply, and the number being bought out numbers what is being Sold, so the price has gone up to $50,000 plus. This is mainly because of Rarity, the Circulating Supply is how many exist, and if you want to own 1, you have to Buy it out of the Circulating Supply or Invest in Mining, or Create a Token and Buy BTC with the Proceeds, or whatever you want to do, but you have to Buy it from the Circulating Supply. This is just like the 450,000,000 BLURT in existence, that is the Circulating Supply you purchase from.

An Investment itself can be an Earning Opportunity when a few Bitcoins are dropped. Meaning, if you drop 1 BTC, 5 BTC, which is around $50,000 and $250,000, it could change the Entire Market. Today, generally, over $2,000 being spent in 1 Day can raise the Market Value of BLURT. If $10,000+ were spent at once, you would become a Large Participant on BLURT, Currently there are very few Whales, a Large Number of Dolphins, and mostly Minnows.

Whale = 200,000 BLURT or more, maybe 1,000,000 but once you are able to provide Great Rewards you can consider yourself a Whale

Dolphin = 1,000 BLURT to 200,000 BLURT, once you provide Noticable Rewards you are a Dolphin, so once your Vote helps out the Minnows

Minnow = Under 1,000 BLURT

You could add gradients if you wanted to create your own Guide, but those are generally the 3 Amounts and Titles you can consider when Investing. If you become a Whale, or like a Blue Whale, or what could be called a Super Whale, you become not only a big Price Boost, but a Main Attraction, making a Purchase to become a Whale on a Graphene Chain brings what could be called Clout, just as an example you can post on Facebook or Twitter and say, "Use our Hashtag on your BLURT post to earn a $20.00 USD Vote from Us", and suddenly you don't even need Ads because everyone tells their friends when they get $20.00, and Ads then can bring an even larger Audience. And if you are thinking, "Why would I do that?", maybe you aren't seeking an Audience, you get 50% of your Vote as rewards for Yourself, so that is where you get your Interest like a Bank Account. You can also set this on Autopilot by Delegating it, which allows another user of your Choice to use your Vote Power, in return for an agreed upon return daily or weekly, and you at any time can Undelegate this, and they at no time have control to Sell the BLURT, only use the Vote Power. Further, just as you could spend $250,000 on the Market and change BLURT forever, which is very likely to happen when a Blockchain or Token Investor or Creator Joins in; and just like Switching from Stocks, to Gold, to USD, and the Option of Foreign Currency while trading on Market Crashes and Good News, Bitcoin can lose Value for a week, and you could hear Bad News which will result in a crash, and Sell off early. But if you Buy Gold, maybe it doesn't fluctuate the way it does when Stocks drop and you end up losing out by Holding Gold, or same with Stocks, or Foreign Currency? A Falling Bitcoin could be sheltered by being Sold to Buy BLURT, thus creating an Interest Earnings for the Buyer, and Clout, etc. So if Bitcoin Collapsed even, we could start to see a big Boost in Investment, a Scared Bitcoin investor is the perfect person, already educated, to invest in a Graphene Project.


Circulating Supply then brings you to the concept of Mining, Proof of Work (Pow), Proof of Stake (PoS), and Delegated Proof of Work (DPow), as well as BLURT Power and Blockchains which have No Coin Cap, versus a Blockchain that does have a Cap. Bitcoin provides an extra layer of Rarity, one Day Bitcoin will stop supplying Miners with Rewards, and currently we are already seeing a Problem with Bitcoin Concerning Transaction Fees. Proof of Work means Electricity is used to Mine, which was first done by Laptop, then now ASICs on Mining Farms. You can Join Cloud Mining to rent Mining Power, and the best way to do this is to Mine a Coin which you believe is undervalued, so as it goes up, your holding raise value, not just new Coins in, but old Coins gaining Value, that's the Best Way. And that is how you should look at all Blockchain investment, that's why DeFi Swapping is so big now, if I have a $5.00 Token and I can Trade it for a bunch of $0.01 Coins that are new and gaining Popularity, that $5.00 could be $100 or $1,000. This can be done over and over looking at new Projects to earn over and over, plus these Tokens are often part of a DAO or Smart Contract and provide you access to something you may earn even more from. This then gets into the need for a TRC20 BLURT Swap dApp, which has yet to be created. And a clone for that matter. BLURT also needs people to Launch Tokens and use BLURT as communications HQ for the token, which provides Buyers for your Token, and a Token people can use to Buy BLURT. If BLURT is $0.50 in the Future and your Token is $0.01, I could pick up 5,000 of your Tokens or more, and by the time all the Bitcoiners hear about it, maybe my 5,000 tokens is $5,000 and I can Buy BLURT if I want. Proof of Stake Coins are Mined not with electricity, but by Staking, and your Stake weight % based on Market holding Staked compared to all others Staked at the time, Graphene Blockchains have that, but with the added Blogging feature, and a "Reason to Hold" because the more you have, the more you get, and the more Clout you have, where most PoS Blockchains provide no Rank based on holdings, only the Interest feature. So Graphene has innovated Blockchain in a way that utilizes Gamification of web activity to reward regular Social Media activity, it is the Future, like a Food rewards program, but for consuming someone's blog. If I can follow your company on Facebook or Twitter and earn $20.00+ by joining BLURT and using your company Hashtag, they can go spend that at your company.

This brings us to Trade Volume, this is how much is spent Buying and how much is made Selling BLURT, in a 24hr Period. Trade Volume is Supply and Demand, BLURT Currently is very Low which is why it is so easy to effect the Market, it just started gaining Popularity, STEEM or HIVE would not be as effected by your large Purchase, as all day long they have big purchases, and they are over $0.50 showing where BLURT should be soon. But all of them have much room for new user growth, none are competitive with Facebook yet.


I will end this guide with How the Concept of a Satoshi emerged,
At first BTC was $5.00 each (really less than a Penny to start, but early on) then $30.00 and $100.00, etc. Eventually, around $1,000 each, people started formulating the Satoshi, a fragment of a Bitcoin, like a Bitcoin Cent, like Pennies to a Dollar, and it was theorized that one day Bitcoin would become so rare this would be the Trade Size, and Satoshi are now a regular form of measurement. This formulation helped bring investors because they then understood that by owning 1, one day they could Portion it out for much more. And today Satoshi are seen in Bitcoin faucets, which to the point of this article are largely being replaced in popularity by DeFi, including Graphene.

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