Instablurt Photo Filters : Blue Water hues and tint.

in blurtphoto •  9 days ago  (edited)

I was out for a paddle on the Rideau River a few weeks ago. The water was very clear but a little green from algae.

I tried some Filter and Tint edits to make it a little more blue and ended with turquoise and purple.


Remember those cool filters on Instagram ?

I love blue water.

Some day I’ll kayak in Sardinia where the water is truly blue.

Or at least very clear.




The water is very blue on Lake Huron today. Going to look at some land … Who wants some ? #dig

No filter on these Photos of the North Channel.




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I am having visions of Andy Warhol with some of those photo variations you've produced here. Beautiful vistas on top of all this too and oh so relaxing

Yeah… have you been to Lake Huron ? It’s spectacular.

You are very happy to live in such a beautiful area....

Yes it is truly a beautiful place.