Blurtphone Challenge (Round 12) 7.26.2021

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Held Up By the Sick up Boys

Last week's challenge was hijacked by the infamous UK music group @thestickupboys. Their demand is that you...

Blurt it out!!


When you call a friend on blurtphone and get a response you both win. Let's call a friend on Blurtphone.

Round 11 winners can receive 1000 BP each to be paid out this Friday.

To claim your prize just make a comment in this week's challenge post.

Let's see who the winners are this week:



















@leifasaur is back in action on Blurtphone


And special Guest Star who can teach us all a think or two about branding @thestickupboys:


All delegations can be claimed when they comment on this contest post.

I am happy to support new users on Blurt and also delegate to my friends who participate in the contest. The contest is fun to win. If you want to participate in the contest and want to support new users just let me know or name a person you want your delegation to go to.

Hey, have a heart and win a double delegation for a new user.

A cool thing that is happening here on Blurtphone is winner's donations.

This is the spirit of Blurt. These beautiful people just keep giving. You can call out a friend on this post and when they answer donate your delegation to them so they can have double Blurt power winnings.

Current Delegations


The list is getting longer and I'm happy about that. People who participated in the Blurtphone challenge last week kept their delegations. Those who did not participate lost their delegation.

Good luck this week in calling a friend.

(っ^▿^)۶🍸🌟🍺٩(˘◡˘ )

You can win too.
Just call out a friend and say something funny.

If they answer then you both win big.
Be careful not call people who already participated in @blurtphone.
If you are not sure then check my following list. I follow everyone who has participated. If I have not followed you yet, then please let me know.

Call a friend now:

You can both be winners ^-^

Don't be afraid to make Blurt Connections


  1. Winners can claim their delegation up till Friday when rewards are given out.
  2. Winners can keep their delegation as long as they participate in the weekly challenge.


Check the rule post how to play:

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Check out this @stickupboys song. Subscribe

Hey nice, not seen that in a while!

Hi @libertycrypto27 and @mad-runner my phone is ringing...please answer the call
We can stay in touch and always up to date with the BLURT social network

Blur...Blur @h-hamilton you have a call from fellow Blurter. Will you pick up the phone by replying?

Thank you for the awards. It is a great connection initiative in the Blurt community.

It looks very creepy that guy with the red phone... Your son has been kidnapped!!! XD

Help help!! The Stickup boys are holding Blurtphone at ransom. Unless these boys get one hundred new subscribers on Youtube there will be no more Blurtphone or Blurtphone Junior.

Save us

Hi @obikay and @winniekal my phone is ringing
please answer the call
How many Bluetooth earpiece is sold in Nigeria and how do I get 50 pieces for 2 blurt

Hello ☎️

2 blurt for 50 pieces of earpiece? 😯😯

Yeah yeah

@blurtphone happy my calls for the week have been answered swiftly.

Hey bro @chiburzorwisdom ..very funny haha....I don't think you can get that much with 2 blurt.

That's quite blurtful
Please @winniekal come and say something

I believe you can do justice to this complex but blurtful response I just got.
@winniekal answer the call ladiiiii

Wow I'm glad so much to be a winner!!
So exited, thanks so much 💐

Congratulations and glad to see you here @headcorner.

It's nice to find the @thestickupboys here on BLURTTER

I will have a chance, luck and I hope this time the universe is in my favor hahaha! Well, well what is your favorite color? @gr33nmaster It's very easy bro, answer me hahaha

Hi @mineopoly, Blur blur...

If Monday had a face, I would punch it. Punch it all the way into next week.

Hello @vikbuddy my hero of free speech. You are totally right about Mondays.
Don't let anyone push you around just because they VP....

But then again,

No reason to burn bridges over trifles. No one who thinks Monday sucks did anything wrong. The dude that made up that axiom is wrong.

I think half of Hive should come to Blurt.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

No worries dear, that was all fun. It's good to have different opinions and views. That's way we learn and improve. Listen to everyone and do what you heart and mind says.

I agree blurt is so underrated. It's an amazing platform though, no worries, do your stuff, no conflict and disagreements. Just blurt and blurt.

Hello @blurtphone, I want to make a call to @angelica7

Answer the riddle: What is it? That the more you take from it, the bigger it is ... // Responde la adivinanza: ¿Qué es lo que es? Que mientras más tú le quitas más grande es...

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Hello @daveks ? What’s The fastest way to make money from photography ?

Wonderful… Going to look up some more numbers in the Blurt Phone Book.

I love the way your phone book works.

Awesome …. Blurt it out to 300 Million people on Twitter … shared on Twitter #blurtish #blurtlove

Wonderful. I love #blurtish