Symbiont{s} | Ecosynthesizer | Minor Changes

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Thriving through a Symbiotic Equilibrium
Symbiont{s} | Ecosynthesizer | Minor Changes


Thanks to a direct suggestion from @megadrive, the community can now check the top 50k users (500 per page * 100 pages) on the rich list page on Ecosynthesizer, in addition to a new ranking based on balance + vests that users can check just by clicking on the # sing. This also was possible because of @eastmael who did a wonderful job on tweaking his API.

We also did a small change on the nodes page. Users can now use WhaleVault to vote for witnesses who are running RPC nodes to support the blurt blockchain.

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Thank you all and see you next time,

The Symbionts Team,

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Thank you for your work on your site. It's not my forte and you guys did excellent work for the aggregated info your sit3 provides.

Gracias por compartir tu publicación en #Blurt. Tu esfuerzo significa mucho para nosotros; por eso has recibido un voto positivo.

Te invito a votar por @blurtlatam como Testigo / Witness


Hi, @symbionts,
Great post

Hi, @symbionts,

    Your post has been voted on by the [Ecosynthesizer](https://!steem/@ecosynthesizer) curation team.

    Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

    <sup>If you would like to support us, please consider voting for our [witness](, setting us as a [proxy](,
    joining our [Discord]( server, and delegating to the project by using one of the following links:
    [500SP]( | [1000SP]( | [2000SP]( | [3000SP]( | [4000SP]( | [5000SP]( | [10000SP]( | [100000SP](</sup>

Congratulations on your teamwork and continued achievement, for making things flow better at Blurt.
Good vibes.