Symbiont{s} | Ecosynthesizer | Blurt Related Upgrades

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Thriving through a Symbiotic Equilibrium
Symbiont{s} | Ecosynthesizer | Blurt Related Upgrades


We are more than happy to share with the community some of the changes that we have been working on. So without further ado, here they are:


Symbionts Main.png

Thanks to the wonderful work done by @eastmael we are now able to use his API to build the Richlist table.

User will be able to rank the table according to:

  • Vests (BP);
  • Balance;
  • Powerdown;
  • Savings;
  • Delegated vesting shares;
  • and received vesting shares.

Pending Rewards Calculation

Thanks to a fruitful discussion with the math wizard @rycharde, a few changes were applied to the pending payout. While we came to the realization that some more work is needed to solve some issues related to the accuracy of data that is served by some APIs, we opted for a temporary solution which is:

  (pending_payout_value * total_vesting_fund_blurt / current_supply).

Another aspect that was discussed is the curation reward split since the data that was shown before was wrong (75/25).

  author    = parseFloat((0.50 * total).toFixed(3)),
  curator   = (0.50 * total).toFixed(3);

The actual calculation done by the blockchain is much more complicated, what we are showing is just a basic approximation.

Vesting Routes

Members of the community can now check and see more information about the vesting routes on the Ecosynthesizer. In addition to that, users can also set withdrawal vesting routes if they wish directly on the account page of the target account.


For those who do not understand what is vesting routes, It is simply the ability to set a route when powering down to a specific account. The target account can receive the vests that are being powered down as vests or as liquid BLURT. This feature is not really used by the community a lot but it can be useful in some situations.

Setting vesting routes on Eco is as simple as it gets, we have implemented WhaleVault for this. Users can simply go to the desired account (account page) and fill in the table below.


  • Percent refers to the percentage that the account will be getting from the powerdown.
  • Output refers to whether the target account is going to get it as vests or liquid STEEM.
  • To remove an account as a route, setting the percentage as 0 then broadcasting again will do the job.

WhaleVault Implimentation

It is possible now to vote for proposals and witnesses directly on the Ecosynthesizer. The transaction will be broadcasted by WhaleVault.

Support our work by voting for Symbionts

Thank you all and see you next time,

The Symbionts Team,

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That's great, thanks!
In the absence of reblurting, I shall do a quick post so users can stop complaining that "half their rewards disappear"! lol

This is amazing thanks for being open to feedback and features.

Incredibly useful these changes! Even your tool has made me able to develop a delegation system for my most recent project as Witness known as @blurtshorts.

I used your Ecosynthesizer to develop this:

We really appreciate this work! Thanks for keeping us updated!

We are absolutely ready to bring Blurt to the moon! From the @blurshorts team we appreciate you a lot for all this effort to improve our lives within this awesome blockchain!

Blurt to the moon!

Hello @ symbionts,

your ecosynthesizer is fantastic and irreplaceably important.

Thank you very much for your great work!