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This has been in the pipeline for some time now and I was able to finally realize it yesterday. The project is based on the original Utopian Landing Page by @mkt.

1. Background

I was very fascinated when I first saw this landing page during Utopian days. It didn't occur to me that I'll be using it for my own.

2. Sections

This initial version includes all the sections from the original. I'll just update it gradually when time permits.

Let's look at these sections.

2.1. Header


The header is composed of Home, Rewards, Rules, Moderators, FAQ, and Blog.

To the right are: language selection, Sign-up and Log-in. These are just placeholders for now.

For easier navigation, the header floats when you scroll down the page.

2.2. Rewards


Currently, the rewards section only displays a loading icons. The items to be displayed here are retrieved from an API call. I have yet to implement this.


My favorite part (and somehow took me some time to implement) here is this portion where upvote icons float on top of the Blurt logo.

2.3. Rules


The steps indicated are:

  1. Abide by our rules!
  2. Get reviewed by our moderators!
  3. Get upvoted by Blurtopian.com and the community!
  4. Get paid after 7 days!

Then beneath this are the rules for each category. These will be updated accordingly.

2.4. Moderators


Currently this section is still empty as we still don't have any moderator per category. The same with the rewards section, information displayed here are retrieved from an API call.

2.5. FAQ


This section is still for update.

2.6. Blog


Originally used a different project repository steemit-widgets. Created as blurt-widgets.

3. Repository

The project's available in Blurtopian's Github repository.


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I'm a huge fan of the new interface. This stuff is better than anything I have seen for STEEM or HIVE. Great Job!

Thank you. Hopefully we'll see similar productivity-related projects spring up here on Blurt.

This seemed to have gotten a lot of developers on steem and now it'll do the same on Blurt.

Awesome to see great progress for Blurtopian, I can see this initiative to grow even further. Congrats @eastmael!!!


Thank you @funtraveller. We need all the organic growth we can get. :)

Congratulations! This post has been upvoted by the @blurtcurator communal account,
You can request a vote every 12 hours from the #getupvote channel in the official Blurt Discord.Don't wait to join ,lots of good stuff happening there.

I like the Blurt upvote bubbles :)

Thank you. Yup, I find them cute. Lol.

Yeah can I steal it 🤣🤣🤣

Lol. Feel free to use/copy. Just link or credit back to me and @someguy123 :)

Cool cool thank you 😆

Really nice interface

Thank you. Yes, it's one of my favorite landing pages. Great work by @mkt.

very useful and very useful information. hopefully utopian will return to the way it used to be

I hope so too. With no downvotes, I believe we have a good start. Thanks for helping out.

Thanks for this information sir, this is a very helpfull social media platform for us.

Indeed a helpful social media platform for us.

Yes sir this is very helpful social media platform.