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Do you want to know who the biggest hodlers of Blurt are? This was previously available via

However, since the API to retrieve that information has been put down, @megadrive requested for a new API to retrieve such list. I didn't know how to implement it until @saboin gave a hint on how to retrieve the list of all accounts in Blurt.

Once that part of the program was down, it was then just a matter retrieving each account's balance and storing them. Since I'm most familiar with MongoDB, I opted to use it to store the data. It uses around 350Mb.

Code are available here:

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Looks like it's not displaying the rich list. Can you please double-check or I'm doing something wrong?

It's an API. The text displayed on your browser needs to be processed by a front-end . Here's a sample front-end that displays the list:

Thank you
It worked perfectly.

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