Blurtopian Dev: Blurtkey Progress Update - 2021/09/02

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This is my progress report for Blurtkey. As mentioned in my previous post, most wallet operations like transfers weren't working. However, after a lot of trial and error trying to make the broadcast function to work, I was able to resolve it through the blurt-tx npm module.

It took time for the library to work because somehow, my local environment was using a cached version of the module, as such, all modifications I did on a new publish wasn't reflecting on my local copy. I was able to verify this when I created a new npm project which tested the blur-tx broadcast function.

1. Google Play Open Testing

Blurtkey is available in Google Play for testing to a number of limited countries. I'll open it to other countries once I've fixed all major bugs.

Here's the link to Google Play.


2. Demo App

3. Codes

Code changes are available in the following Merge Request (MR):

4. Next

Here are the list of bugs I've encountered so far:

  1. No loading indication after clicking import in the account import page (no indication or feedback to user that import is processing)
  2. Wallet left icon is wrong Blurt icon
  3. Forever loading icon on wallet page (latest wallet transaction not retrieved)
  4. Computation / retrieval of Blurt Power (current BP displays only as 0)
  5. Wallet operations are not working
    1. Transfers
    2. Power up
    3. Power down
    4. Delegate

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