Blurtopian Dev: Blurtkey Progress Update - 2021/07/11

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I've started to work on Blurtkey - the mobile Hive Keychain for Blurt. However, I've hit a snag in its development. The computer and device I use for development takes time to boot up. As such, a good 15 minutes is wasted just booting the dev environment. This is one the reasons I prefer working on web applications compared to embedded systems - web apps boot faster. I easily get impatient with boot ups.

Plus, the simulator - an Android emulator - crashes when I start troubleshooting and debugging. A real pain in the ***. I need to reboot it when it crashes.

Anyway, enough of the rants and just go directly to the progress. The first I achieved was to replace the Intro page with a new background and logo made by @megadrive.




There are a couple of issues on the pipeline of which I'm undecided on which one to tackle next.

1. Replace other hive icons / images with Blurt

Hive icons when you install the app currently displays/uses the ones from Hive. I need to replace this with logos/brand for Blurt


2. Fix the Import Existing Account

Currently throws out an exception when I try to import my existing Blurt account.

End Note

This was just to give an update on the progress I have for this project. I'll just post more as time allows.

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Nice a keychain for mobile sounds realy good.

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