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This is to give an update on the addition of an Active Authors page to

Right now, page can only be accessed via direct link:

This page was requested by @zahidsun for Serey team. Further updates/information should be available in a couple of days from now.

1. Code Commits

There were a couple of commits to implement this, but the bulk of the changes were done in this commit.

2. Source Codes

Codes are available in Blurt's repo:

3. Demo/Pictures

Since the requirement was just a list of authors and their corresponding BP, result is displayed in tabular format only.


4. Next

I'm planning to return / go back to development of Blurt's version of Keychain.
Last progress update I gave was two months ago via this post.

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Your plan is very good. Hopefully you will be able to achieve success.

Thanks. Hope you’re able to achieve success as well.

Amazing development tools you have made available for the community.

Thank you. My pleasure building them for the community.

Thank you very much for these tools.

You're welcome. Happy to build these tools for the community.

This is a useful tool and I think anyone who wants to airdrop with Blurt can use this data.

Yup, that's the idea. :)

I like your plan very much but I hope we can finish your plan successfully and achieve success.

Thank you. Yes, I hope I can accomplish my plan as well.

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I am excited about the #BlurtKeychain bro. 👌✔

Thanks be to God. Happy to see you posting again. :)

These are epic valuable tools, going to bookmark so don't lose it. We need like an apps tab on condenser @saboin @tekraze :)

Links can be updated on sidebar for now

There were other modifications (support for certain parameters and variables) that came to mind while I was doing this, but I know I had to stop and deploy/release this version first.

I had to remind myself to stop, otherwise I fall into the feature-creep trap common to software dev.

Great, keep it up.

Thanks. I love developing these type of apps/APIs.

Yeah I can see the number ,lol

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Important information in a short way, I like it so much. Thank you very much for explaining it.

You're welcome.

Good job
Blurt keep improving now

Little by little we get better everyday.

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