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I received a notification in Akash's discord regarding a Gitcoin Grants Round Hackathon Challenge. I previously submitted a Grant Application for Akash Connect, but due to time constraint, that project's been put on hold.

For this hackathon, I plan to put up a Blurt witness node, a condenser front-end, or a public node on top of Akash.

If you look at the hackathon's page, there are actually five categories applicants can submit to.


  • Solana On Akash (1000 AKT)
  • Minecraft On Akash (1000 AKT)
  • Awesome Apps On Akash (1000 AKT)
  • Radicle.Xyz + Akash (2500 AKT)
  • Discourse On Akash (1000 AKT)

My project's under the Awesome Apps on Akash Hackathon Challenge. The project proposal is here.

The wonderful thing about is that since I'm also running a #dig validator, some or all commands for creating a wallet were similar to what I did for dig (I just had to replace dig with akash when executing commands). How cool is that?

The role of a witness in the Blurt Blockchain is to verify incoming transactions, produce blocks when scheduled, participate in governance. In addition to this, there is a formal expectation that Witnesses advocate for the Blurt blockchain, review software, and build the Blurt community.

Wish me luck!

@eastmael's Witness Projects

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Great, came here after checking your post on Akash discord and joined blurt.

Great! Welcome to Blurt! If you're still not yet in Blurt's discord server, here's an invite:

I'm also there if ever you need support.

Thanks , I joined this discord previously I was in wrong discord it appears

Very cool! 2 of my fave crypto projects, I hope that Blurt will get the attention of Akash Community through this.

Thanks. I thought that the address I need to submit for the grant application was just any akash wallet. But I learned that there were different types of addresses for Cosmos based blockchains.

For this hackathon, I spinned up a new Ubuntu VPS in hetzner (I'm running a Windows locally and have no way of using the Akash binaries - available for Linux and Mac OS only - to execute commands) and created my Akash developer wallet there.

I'm just now waiting for funds they mentioned we can use for deploying apps on Akash.

Great, do keep us up to date on this project, especially if at some point you need some voting numbers for the proposal.

Thanks. Will do keep this in mind.

Very good - I'm in the Akash discord channel, so will read more there.

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