BrunoBot Burn Report #2 - 80 BLURT

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@brunobot has reached the 100 BLURT target (for ease of computation, target's set to 100 BLURT).

1. Burn Tx

2. PowerUp Tx

Current workflow (for every 100 BLURT received):

  • 80% (80 BLURT) sent to @null (burned)
  • 10% (10 BLURT) Powered Up
  • 8% (8 BLURT) reserved for server costs
  • 2% (2 BLURT) for transaction fees

Some successful projects (who used the burn token model) which BrunoBot plans to follow:

  • Steem HUNT token
  • LeoFinance
  • Actifit

Hopefully this will be automated in the future.

BrunoBot Objectives:

  • Contribute to Blurt Tokenomics
    • add use case for BLURT
  • Increase Blurt's Prices By sending to @null
    • when supply exceeds demand, prices falls; when demand exceeds supply, price increases.
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