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Blurtopian is a curation project whose mission is to empower open-source contributors through social and crypto rewards.

It was inspired by @utopian-io which was founded by @elear. For the very first post about the project, you can refer to the founder's post here.

How is Blurtopian different from Utopian-io?

The main difference will be the challenge the project aims to address and the approach it takes to tackle it. Utopian-io tackled multiple categories, Blurtopian will scale down and focus on a smaller set until an effective tool, process, and team are formed. When the need is there, the project will expand to other categories.

Core Values

As posted in the project lead's post, these are the core values that the project will adopt.

  1. Transparency
  2. Faithfulness
  3. Innovation
  4. Service
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Boldness
  7. Humility

Contribution Categories

Initial categories to be curated:

  1. Blog (#blurtopian #blog)
  2. Development (#blurtopian #development)

Voting Scales

Initially, all development tasks will get 100% (with discretion). As more complicated contributions come in and the need for a more refined voting scale is needed, these changes will be reflected in an open-source project guideline(link to be posted later here).

Blog contributions will be initially set to 50%.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I am coming to Blurt and reading about the activities taking place on this wonderful platform and I am meeting you.

A great project that I want to support and hope to see grow. I like the proposal and according to the development I hope that everything grows.

Thank you. I appreciate the feedback.

For several years I have been using open source operating systems like Linux to prepare. I have a couple of blogs dedicated to them. Can I post topics related to them with the tag #blurtopian? Thank you.

Hello @testarasta, thanks for stopping by. I lead the #blurtopian curation initiative. You're very much welcome to share your stories in relation to open-source. Please use the #blurtopian and #blog tags for them to be curated. Looking forward tp your contributions.

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Welcome to the Blurtopian world of this great ocean where we are sure great ideas and projects are generated. I wish you the best of success.
Good vibes.

Thank you.

This is one project I am highly excited about and look forward the all the good it can achieve to further open source development on Blurt and in general.

Thank you. Will do my best, with God's help, to make this project a BLURT success story.