Daily Rewards Quest - Getting Rekted - Water/Earth

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What's up splinters? Well, I bring a daily quest post and video. This video far warning had sound problems and the mic didn't work 😭.

Man, it was a good one so I'll do a recap. First I logged onto my second account that I was a couple of wins from the bronze 2 league with a rented card to keep me above the 1000 power. Found out that the owner has canceled the card so turns to the next rant that you shouldn't be able to cancel a card from renting or at very least the last 48 hours of a season just to try to earn higher fees.

In the battles I got rocked a lot, I tried about 7-8 water battles and had zero luck beating anyone.


After I decided to switch to a new quest and moved over to earth. This is a much better deck for me anyway.

Finally, after another 14 or so battles, I was able to earn my daily reward get 3 DEC.



This bronze League starter account is going to get daily updates you can follow. I am hoping to make reports and post to show the progress after adding 5$ and spellbook.

With the bronze League only getting credits and no Dec it will be harder to earn from multiple sources like SPS Dec and gameplay. So now my main focus is Buying cards or renting and getting to 15000 power asap but I am afraid to rent long term now.

As Always here is the youtube link

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