Blurtography Wednesday Color Challenge: “Yellow”

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After missing the challenge of Monday and Tuesday, now I am coming with Wednesday Yellow. Today, I am going to share 3 photos. All of them are related to food and drink.

Photo 1
This is Durian Pancake. A most delicious durian pancake I ever tried. I had this pancakes at Nelayan Cafe in Centre Point Mall, Medan. I took this pictures months before pandemic covid-19.


Photo 2
This one is so special. It is a delicious noodle at Hoto Fudo restaurant located just in front of Kawaguchiko Station, in Fijiyama, Japan. I took this picture when I eat this noodle. I traveled to Japan in last spring. I love this noodle taste.


Photo 3
This photo is Palm juice. This is water from the palm tree. This drink is sweet naturally, and it will be more delicious when it has been fermented.


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