Unique phenomenon of rare flowers in the world

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The bright colors of Flowers, are always able to bring beauty at any time. Not surprisingly, there are many loyal fans of flowers. But unfortunately, some flowers are hard to find now, one of the rarest flowers in the world is * Lupinus veretin, * or Lupine.


Lupine is classified as a medicinal plant. Lupins are usually blue and purple. But there is also pink lupine.


Its growth is spread across East America, Canada and the Asian Ocean. Lupins have declined dramatically since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, as housing losses in the 1900s and even the number of lupins were reduced by 90%.

Lupine cannot grow in hot conditions and bad weather. This situation has been exacerbated by the widespread globalization of industrialization to this day.

Have you ever seen a flower that looks like a ghost? Don't be surprised to see this one flower. Ghost orchids, or ghost orchids.


The shape is really unusual. This flower has two legs at the bottom and a face in the middle.

His existence was stuck in the trunk of a tree like a ghost.

Flowers from America appear occasionally, sometimes disappearing without a trace. This is because ghost orchids rely on flat roots that spread to tree trunks.


Ghost orchids are found in the forests of Cuba, Florida, the United States, and Haiti. This unique flower is endangered. Because, weather patterns change, illegal logging and collector degradation.

Phantom Orchid is nothing less than a sandwich.


It is a flower that can swallow a momentary fly or perch on its body. This flower is a species of South African muscle. They can reach three and a half meters in length and more than half a centimeter in width. What to keep an eye on these colorful colorful tents about flowers. Tents similar to ropes are enclosing devices that contain adhesive liquids to trap insects.


After the prey is caught, this flower rolls after it. It digests using its digestive glands.

Insect-eating skills In the southern cape of Africa, this plant is used as a pesticide. Cult sandu is classified as rare because it is threatened by global warming.

If beautiful flowers are usually found in gardens or forests, it is different from Silverward. These flowers grow in volcanic soil layers.


Silverword, meaning very gray, is found on the island of Hawaii in the United States. In active volcanoes, Hayakala, this flower is found at an altitude of more than 200 meters.

This tree usually flowers in July-October. The flower stalk reaches 2 m. This interest is protected by federal law, as its existence is almost extinct.

They are some information about the rare flowers in the world.

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