A beautiful mushroom found on rural streets

in blurtography •  last month 

This beautiful mushroom caught my eye a few days ago in the morning when I was walking along the rural road that flows in front of our house. I do some photography of it then. Now I am sharing those photographs with you. I hope you like it.



When I came out of the house a few days ago, I saw this amazing mushroom as soon as I stepped out into the river on our river bank. It grows on the trunk of an abandoned tree. The mushroom was much larger in shape. So from a distance it caught my eye. It was quite awesome to watch.

This mushroom was absolutely scattered from the top. The upper part of it was spread like a disc and the whole upper part was stuck by a small bar. It grew naturally in the early morning and was broken by chickens or other animals in the afternoon. Because it was pretty fresh when I went out to photograph it in the morning. But when I came back in the afternoon, I saw that it was broken and lying down.




However, during this time, there are many types of mushrooms growing on the streets or in abandoned areas around the house. Since it is raining every now and then, the soil stays wet. And in this field and wet soil different types of mushrooms are seen growing. However, different types of mushrooms can be seen in different places. It was really awesome to look at and the color on the top of it looked like a biscuit. Anyway I liked seeing these mushrooms in the morning so I did some photography. I hope you like my photography too.

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