Blurtography Sunday Color Challenge: "Purple Flowers"

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Today, it's going to be a day of relaxation for me. I was too busy in the past 2 days that made skip in posting for my 100 Days Posting challenge. Too bad I thought I will be able to complete the without skipping any of the days, anyway I will still continue for the coming days until my 100th post.

Good thing, we still have the #colorchallenge that keeps us motivated to post photos daily.

For today, I will be sharing 2 photos...

Photo 1


I took this photo of an orchid when I visited the Garden Dome (Singapore). I'm really amazed at how they brought different species of plants and flowers to the same place and managed to take care of them well.

Photo 2


Here's a photo of a Shameplant that I took when I visited my father's farm. This is probably one of the most resilient plants that I see almost everywhere. What made me notice this plant is the way it closes its leaves as a way to react when someone or somebody touched it.

Thank you for viewing my post.

If you wish to contribute to the #colorchallenge Blurt edition, go to the Official blurtography color challenge post by @blurtography to learn more about this fun challenge.

image credit to @blurtography

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