Dear (2021) 🔥 Good quality, 6+

in blurtography •  9 days ago 

Awesome movie, have you watched? 😊

Dear (2021) 🔥 Good quality, 6+
Genre: cartoon, fantasy

Already not a young school music teacher Joe Gardner dreamed of performing on stage in a jazz ensemble all his life. Once he successfully passes the listening of the famous club singer and, returning home from himself out of luck, falls into the hatch and dies. Now, Joe is one way - in the Great After, but he runs away from going into the night of the escalator and will accidentally fall into the Great Do. Tyt new souls accept themselves, and future people await hopes, dreams and interests. Joe becomes the mentor of the direct soul 22, who has not been able to find her own search and return to the Earth for many centuries.


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