Blurtmusic Holiday Playlist : National Scotch Day

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Today is National Scotch Day, 🥃….

So let’s find some music to play on this very special Holiday and pour ourselves a nice glass of scotch, sit back and listen to the music 🎧

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Here is some Classic Billie Holiday …

Riffin the Scotch

Source: Youtube

There are many great songs about Whisky, but very few that mention only “Scotch” … I love Billie Holiday and this is one of my favourite songs of hers. She doesn’t explicitly mention “Scotch” in the Song but she tells the story of a tragic choice that leads her to the bottle … maybe at the end we hear the bottle being uncorked.

Now, time for a drink…. (We do a lot of drinking here on Blurt with each day a Holiday to celebrate)

Observed each year on July 27, National Scotch Day celebrates the iconic whisky. In order to be considered scotch, this classy and distinctive spirit must be made in Scotland. It must be fermented from malted barley, aged in oak barrels for at least three years and have an ABV or alcohol content of less than 94.8%. While most scotch is made with barley, water and yeast; other grains can be included. All fermentation additives are excluded, per law. There are five distinct classifications of Scotch whisky including single malt scotch, single grain scotch, blended malt scotch, blended grain scotch and blended scotch. Scotch is often identified by the region where it was produced and each region has its own characteristics that influence taste. Despite scotch being made in Scotland, you can enjoy the spirit anywhere. Kilt not required.


@stickupboys …. The #blurtmusic Holiday Playlist challenge is a way for Blurt Music Lovers to share some of their Favorite music for each day of the year based on the fact that everyday is a Holiday, and a reason to Celebrate with Music and Song.

Based on the Holidays you can find here :

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