Blurtmusic Holiday Playlist : National Apple Dumpling Day

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Hey …. What a wonderful day.

Today is National Apple Dumpling Day !

I Love Apple Dumplings … Who doesn’t ??

When I was a kid one of my favourite movies was The Apple Dumpling Gang with Don Knotts and Tim Conway …

Every year we would watch this Disney Matinee, while munching our Apple Dumplings and pretend we were in the gang…

On our Quest to get our Giant Gold nugget back… I think this movie got me into prospecting and Panning for Gold here in the Far North of Ontario.

Did you watch this movie when you were a kid ?

It’s a Classic ….

And for today’s Holiday #Blurtmusic Playlist Here is the Apple Dumpling Gang Theme Song Reprise ….

National Apple Dumpling Day is celebrated on September 17. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what does an apple dumpling a day do? It keeps you ‘filled’ for the day! In a country where apples are available year-round, dedicating a day to the world’s favorite fruit delicacy is our definition of fun and food creativity.


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OMG!! I forgot about these guys. Maybe my kids would like it. They are watching Family Guy at the moment. It's kind of a jump.

That’s what I love about the National Holiday web site… so many of these Holidays trigger memories of the good old days… National Apple Dumpling Day ?…. I asked my wife what she thought of when I said “National Apple Dumpling Day”…. She immediately said the Apple Dumpling Gang and Tim Conway…. we were meant for each other.

Loved this movie as a kid too. I've been watching the Andy Griffith series, and it definitely changed when Don Knotts left after season 5. Conway made the Carol Burnett show. Watching the rest try so hard not to laugh as he became his characters and went off script made the show much funnier than it would have been.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Haven't heard this movie mentioned in decades I don't think.

Yeah. Tim Conway was the best. I remember watching him on the Carol Burnett show with my mom and dad and my brothers and sister and we were all in tears… laughing, watching the other actors also in tears. If you ask me Those were the golden years of TV comedy. When an entire family was in tears from laughter

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Tim Conway was Hilarious… Don Knotts too

I loved this Skit.

That was great. Ha ha ha.. I remember that like it was yesterday.