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We can't get through even one day without friends. We all need friends. That's the basic reason I see for these posts especially on BLURT. What keeps me coming back here is the sincerity of those who stayed on this platform.

Yesterday our dedicated blurt curator came around to my post and reminded me that this is Blurt. It's not the same. No one is going to cause any drama here. No one is going to downvote my post because they feel like it.

The magic of Blurt is friends. We all need a place you can go anytime and call your friends.

"Where everybody knows your name."

When I look at the Blurtpub from @double-u I see something special that no other social network has. It's a place to jam and discuss and talk about what's happening. There is no fear or pretense.

The trending posts on Blurt are not whales fighting but friends in their real lives. We have something special here and although I can't always post Blurt exclusive I will try to put my thoughts here in a unique format for the blurt community.

I will share with you two friends. Every time I here Ringo's voice I feel relaxed and every time I hear Paul's bass I feel like dancing. They are not the same but they work together to make a beautiful sound even after all these years.

Our community on Blurt is made of people from all walks of life and many countries and cultures. We have a dream of a place where all can share freely. I want this dream to live on. That's why I powered up Blurt and invest my time in this platform.

My friend @blurtphone is on Blurt's most wanted list for disturbing the peace.

Another friend @offgridlife went out to look for @blurtphone and even made a T-shirt to collect the reward. I think it's funny and I want the internet to be like this (fun, interactive and personal).

I need all of your help to be yourselves. I think Blurt works best if we post every day, but not just anything. Blurt works when you are yourself.

Actually, I did see that trouble maker @blurtphone. He said

Get your ass over to Blurtphone and call the whole F**king world.

Because you are the best thing that has ever happened to Blurt.

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I like how you have touched the theme of this platform friend I hope to continue interacting on it, and if it is a little strange sometimes as things are handled on this platform but that makes it more striking ....

I love interaction.

Give me your best shot @mlrequena78

Finally we meet @mlrequena78,

I'm glad we met here. You are a great man to visit me first.

Thank you for the kind mention!

Kind regards

Thank you @double-u,

I feel very welcomed here.
Oh and don't be surprised if my friend @blurtphone somes crashes your pub.

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Wherever @mineopoly is, no doubt friendship and humour will be there. You are very friendly just like blurt. Be friend, be cool, be blurt 😊👍

It seems wherever @mineopoly is there is @vikbuddy close behind. You are an awesome friend.

Blurt is wonderful.

Thanks @blurtlove,

Thanks for helping me share the love.

Blurt is fun…. And friendly.

Exactly. This is what's cool here. It's an open discussion platform.

I’m watching the downvote discussion, and argument on ProofofBrain and have to shake my head that they can’t see what the problem is ….

They don't realize it will all disappear one day.

I see both sides and either way works fine. If the downvote remains then the rules of the game stay the same and people are allowed to wield there power around as they wish. If the downvote is regulated then it is an amazing unity in community. It looks like so many arguments. POB is POB and Blurt is Blurt. Personally I feel more comfortable on Blurt but enjoy the interaction of POB. I just got sick of seeing too many posts that had no point.

Basically there some who would like to use the downvote to distribute the rewards evenly. It's kind of a direct way of expressing voting power and a complete freedom of governance by the blockchain, more of an anarchy. Others want to define as a community which situations to use the downvote. The problem is by community guidelines POB needs 50% of stake holders to change any rules in governance. That sounds good in practice but in reality there are also a number of inactive stake holders and some that would rather not bother. The issue is unnecessary drama but a cool experiment to see if 50% of stake holders would actually agree on anything. Obviously no one agrees on anything. Yada yada yada.

So far I like the distribution of rewards and interaction. It's been a very interesting experiment.

One of the best assets of POB is the number of new people who joined. I was happy to see that @vikbuddy is also active on Blurt.

The ironic thing about this POB vote they said they don't want to get rid of the downvote because they will turn out like Blurt. That was written by a logical person but is a statement that infers becoming like Blurt is a bad thing. I don't get the logic in that. It's like they are afraid of becoming happy.

They spread a lot of misinformation about Blurt on Hive and POB… I saw one POB/Hive whale say that you better learn Chinese or Korean to use Blurt. So much ignorance over there. If you try to correct them they downvote all your posts to zero so I stopped trying to correct them.

Ouch. It's hard to tell, but it looks like blurtlove will surpass them all.

Yes… with the Positive Energy on Blurt .. the Moon 🌙 is inevitable

Thanks to @offgridlife and @leifasaur. They made me aware about blurt. We also many active users from both Hive and POB platforms. Blurt is blurt and also we have no drama here like other tribes. It's a quite and peaceful place I would say😊


I think there is a surprise for you.

Surprise ?

Yes blurt will always be home. Glad you are enjoying things over here @vikbuddy.

I need to see you around Blurtphone challenge time.

Blurt is like paradise compared to the Downvote Wars, abuse and paranoia on Hive.

Maybe all the noise about the downvote thing is actually good for Blurt.