Koes Plus 1978 Volume 1 "Rahasia Hati"

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The band Koes Plus was founded by Kostono Koeswoyo in 1969 with members consisting of Koestono Koeswoyo (Tonny), Koesyono Koeswoyo (Yon), Koesroyo Koeswoyo (Yok) and Kasmuri (Murry). This band is the incarnation of the previous music group namely Koes Bersaudara, which disbanded because one of its members namely Koesnomo Koeswoyo (Nomo) resigned. Now with Murry joining the band, the name changed from Koes Bersaudara, which previously consisted of siblings, to Koes Plus (Koes + Murry). Koes Plus released their first album in 1969 with the label Volume 1 and continued until Volume 14. Besides the album with the label Volume 1 to Volume 14, Koes Plus also produced other albums such as Pop Keroncong, Pop Jawa and others. Album Bersama Lagi Volume 1 was released in 1978.

Ingatkah kau padaku
Waktu kita bertemu oh ho oh ho
Lalu kukirim lagu
Lewat radio untukmu oh ho oh ho

Aku ingin kau tahu
Rahasia hatiku hu hu hu
Aku sayang padarnu

Selalu dalam hatiku
Asalkan engkau tahu oh ho oh

Aku ingin kau tahu
Rahasia hatiku hu hu hu
Aku sayang padamu

Selalu dalam hatiku
Apakahkah kau telah tahu oh ho oh ho
Hatiku tak menentu
Selalu ingin bertemu oh ho oh


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