The melodious sound of Azan....

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The melodious sound of the call to prayer. Prayers are obligatory worship for every Muslim. Because through prayers all people can get closer to Allah, Allah gets very close. It is only through prayer that one draws near to God. That is why prayers have been given a lot of importance, a lot of priority has been given. That is why Allah has made the five daily prayers obligatory. We should perform the obligatory five daily prayers and perform the prayers properly. It is best to pray in congregation, that is, to go to the mosque. Five daily prayers have been made obligatory, meaning that every Muslim has to perform the prayers five times a day.

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At five times we are called from the mosque for prayers and our prayers are called from the mosque. This is usually done five times, because before the five obligatory prayers. We call this call Azan. The sound of the call to prayer is very sweet and much more important.
Muslims listen to the call to prayer with interest and after hearing this call, Muslims get ready for prayers and go to the mosque to perform prayers. Many perform prayers at home. Usually those who have problems to go to the mosque for any reason, they pray at home. It is not right not to perform prayers. Although I sometimes miss prayers. People are busy all day long. Whenever they hear the call to prayer, Muslims start going to the mosque for prayers. Many people forget to pray for work but when they hear the call to prayer they remember to pray again and go to the mosque to pray, or get ready for prayer. Therefore, just as prayers must be performed for every Muslim, the sound of the call to prayer is much more important.

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