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I just finished a yoga activity that lasted about 0hh:25mm:0ss !



About Times agone, Hippocrates, the father of ultramodern drug, said that the stylish drug for humans was walking. The benefits of walking or exercise aren't limited to the medical lores. By exercise, we mean physical or physical exertion or regular doing commodity that calms the body and removes internal fermentation. Exercising regularly every day is essential for everyone, youthful and old. Exercise plays an important part in enhancing a person's internal and physical well- being. That's why it's called' healthy mind, healthy body. Our body being vain ( dead) means our mind also dies.

Exercise keeps our body fit and healthy. Keeps healthy fresh. Exercise increases our muscle strength, helps in weight loss. Regular exercise helps to retain youth and decelerate down the aging process. Exercise increases the performance of the heart and helps help heart complaint. Exercise boosts our body's vulnerable system and helps help numerous conditions.
Exercise is good for the heart and helps help type-2 diabetes and also helps help numerous types of cancer. It shouldn't be forgotten that health is the root of all happiness. Health is a precious mortal resource.

Reasons why exercise is demanded

Boys and girls of this age, youthful men and women eat further fast food, they get fat and reach old age before old age. Fat people need further food but they should have lower adipose foods, whereas spare people need lower food but they should be adipose. This is the complaint of fat people which is also a socialproblem.However, they can not be happy and they can not contribute to the nation, If no bone is in good health. So in order to avoid these obstacles, the youth should be apprehensive now and all the youthful and old should exercise.

Exercise is also important for scholars so every academy, council should have a syllabus for proper exercise. Experts believe that those who are trained and professed in exercise need to be included for taking classes. Every academy- council should have a playground. It's necessary to be active in physical exercises and sports from the veritably morning of life; So that its benefits can be enjoyed for life.

It's also necessary to have spa in office, court, plant. Rest, pleasure and a healthy body can play a helpful part in speeding up the work of the mind. There can be no more indispensable to exercise than exercise.

Exercise is as necessary for the body as it's for the mind. A healthy soul is conducive to physical enhancement. The pain can be controlled by regular walking, swimming, cycling and some exercise as per the croaker's advice and incontinently protects against hypertension, diabetes, heart complaint and rotundity.

The mortal body is a special castle. In order to cover it from the attack of the adversary, it must be strengthened through physical exercise.

Forty is the time of reaching the age of youth. All conditions run towards an age-and that's old age. Everyone has to surrender to time. Yet we try to repel as important as possible. The diseased body weakens the vulnerable system. Illness is the contrary of happiness. Only when we're sick can we understand how important it's to stay healthy. We all anticipate long life. We should each do physical work. Take out some specific time for exercise. Morning exercise is more salutary for the body, especially for diabetics. Walking for 30-45 twinkles at least 5 days a week, sweating of the body-refreshes the mind, relieves depression, improves sleep, increases appetite. Increases impunity. So it isn't too late, exercise regularly, keep the body healthy. Everyone should be apprehensive of his conduct, rest and exercise.

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