Your Family

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Just think, your family members have been starving for the last 15 days. Sometimes he is trying hard to survive by sharing two pieces of bread or two handfuls of rice.

You are the head of that family and you are talking to people all day long about cutting the pond in front of the house and building the sand.

Your eldest son is running from one village to another through the hot sun all day for work. Your wife is sitting by the oven with some dry wood, hoping for some wheat flour on your way. Your little girl is crying and wiping her eyes on her mother's side of the stove, enjoying the pleasure of playing with hunger.

You are planting expensive foreign flowers in your garden and taking hundreds of bright pictures of him and praising the expensive garden to everyone.


There is nothing left in your home that can be sold to buy some food. Your family has forgotten about the tradition of cotton. No one has more than one cup of cotton. The bright colors were lost a few years ago. No one can remember what color they were at the time of purchase.

Of course, none of this can touch you
No. You may no longer have the strength to perceive. You never have to eat. Dirty cotton has never been read. Of course, sometimes you are seen to be in pain. It's not just about pretending to be a family man, but also about self-aggrandizement as much as it hurts, such as, "You're still alive because I've taken the helm of the world.

Your little boy sends a little money from abroad. From that, some food, some crops should be spent for the betterment of the world. But after hearing the story of saving this money, he is saving it in another family

Now think what a good man you are ..

__________ First episode
-Shafiul Islam

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