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Do you still think of me sometimes? Still staring at the distant horizon with bored eyes. Do you still remember that mango tree? The two of us stood under it and talked a lot. Or do you remember the memories of spending time on the canal? How much time has passed since Manbhulo threw stones in the water of the bill. How many dreams have weaved together, the companion was the yellow light shade of the afternoon.

You know, even today I often get lost in the pages of memories of that day, I still write poems looking at that enchanted memory of yours. But you know what? No poem is as complete as before, it remains unfinished.


You know? It's as if I'm still watching you and me sitting on the edge of the bill. The green grass, which grows haphazardly on the banks of the beel, has begun to bloom with new flowers. The last afternoon sun is shining all around. Silent silence in the surrounding environment. You smile a little at a time, it looks strange. .

I'm trying to make an anklet by twisting the green grass, the young ends of the grass are falling off again and again, and so you roll around laughing. Seki magical smile, I will not forget for hundreds of millions of years.
Finally, I made an awkward grass anklet to look at the chaff. And you pressed those two green anklets to your chest and said, "I love you".

Then all of a sudden something happened, as if the water of the beel was blowing, thunder started in the clouds, a gust of wind started blowing from the east. The cataclysmic dance began in the forest. I tried to hold you in my arms, but you didn't catch me, you put your hands on the spinning wind. A flash of lightning came and took you away from me in one fell swoop. I held you tight, but you didn't want to say you weren't mine ...


Yes, that's exactly what happened that day. Today, even if I want to, I can't think of happy memories, in the end I beat you again and again. And every thought is washed away in tears.

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