Life of a Fisherman

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The life of a fisherman is so hard. Every fisherman of Bangladesh is very hard worker. Most of fisherman are poor and they led there life hand to mouth.


There are many type of fisherman in bangladesh.Some of them catch fish in the river some of them catch fish sea And some them are catch fish part time. They are mainly catch fish pond here and there.

A Fisherman who hunting river woke up in the morning and take the fish catching instruments.He or they goes to river. They works hard till evening. After catching fish they goes to the nearest market to sell it.

Another type of fisherman who catch fish in the sea he works with a group. The group of fisherman goes to the sea for long days. Some times they goes to market for few wakes. After catch fish they export it.

The fisherman of Bangladesh lead a miserable life. They fall many accident during catch fish in the sea .

Though they are poor but honest. We proud of there honesty.

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