Road to Sandy Quartz Quarry, Novoselivka, Kharkiv Oblast- Ukraine || Travel Vlog

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I have never thought that I would be able to see such a picturesque and unique sand quarry of the Kharkiv region in person. There are many beautiful locations in Ukraine but this quartz quarry is unique. This quarry is located near a small village called Novoselivka. Here mining processing plants produce high-quality quartz sand, uranium ore, and iron ore.

White sand and beautiful turquoise blue water created picturesque scenery for tourists though it is a very secured location. I really enjoyed my afternoon and evening there and won't be able to forget such a scenic spot...

To see the beauty of the quarry, you have to watch my video till end...

Enjoy the video...

P.S: Sometimes it takes time to process the HD Quality of the video so while watching the video, please check/ set the quality (settings) of the video...



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