What is the arthritis of the fingers?

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In life, the finger of the hand is not broken, can you show such a person? Maybe you can. However, the number will be very small, it can be said with closed eyes. Nowhere is it written that the hand or the toe must be pierced; Even then, we are constantly pointing fingers at the subconscious. Why? And what is the benefit of breaking a finger? Many people, especially the elderly, talk about the loss. If you break your finger, you will suffer from arthritis or rheumatic pain. Which is actually true?

Before we get into what medical science says, let's talk a little bit about what actually happens. As everyone knows, it is a great sound when the finger is broken. Admittedly, this word comforts the ear. And the comfort of the ears seems to calm down.

Apart from that, we also use our fingers to wake up or to sit continuously or to remove the inertia of the body after tiring work. In some cases, it also turns into a currency error. There is no point in going to the salon. And no matter what, many people bite their fingers.

Now let's come to the real word. What is the harm of breaking the finger? Is there any benefit? According to a blog post from Harvard Medical School, the sound of a fingertip may annoy people in the neighborhood, but it does not increase the risk of arthritis. Because, several studies have shown that the risk of arthritis is the same for both those who do and those who do not. DL Anger, a California physician, has spent a lifetime using only one finger in the study. He did not find any problem by doing finger x-ray every decade.

There is also a misconception about the sound that occurs when the finger is pointed. Many people think that this sound is the result of rubbing bones with bones. In fact, but it is not. In the human body, there is a kind of fluid at the junction of the bones. Which helps in bone movement. This is called synovial fluid.

When a vacuum is created at the junction of the bones, bubbles are formed in this fluid, and it bursts to produce sound. Similarly when a bone or finger is pulled or bent, the gap at the junction of the bones increases. And just then the liquid bubble bursts and a murmur comes to the ears. For this reason, once the same finger is pierced, it cannot be pierced again. It takes some time for fluid bubbles to form at the junction of the bones.

Would it be okay to have more and more fingers because there is no risk of arthritis? Not at all. That blog post from Harvard Medical School advised not to turn finger-pointing into a bad habit. If the finger is swollen for a long time, there is a risk that the strength of the fist will decrease. Apart from that, there have been many incidents of finger injuries. So it is better to be careful.

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