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I am taking a journey called life. I don't know where the Ford I'm going because I'm not there yet. Go ahead and throw me a cliché? Tell me:

The journey is the destination.

Then post that phrase on a picture where your car broke down in the desert and you got heat stroke. Make sure the foreground letters contrast the background colors.

Then post it on Instagram with a hundred million other losers.


This is the biggest cosmic joke in the universe. The journey is worth shit. It's who you are with in the car that really matters.

There are over 7 billion assholes in the world and climbing. Sometimes we can control who is in the car with us and sometimes we can't.

We all start out cruising in that car in the LIFE game with our mom and dad and maybe a sister or brother. We get to be a teenager and think we know everything. Then we get cocky and want to choose our own adventure.



Life source

Chose your own adventure

You are on the road trip of life but the companions in the car are all assholes. Do you...

A. Stay in the car and hope they get better.

B. Get out of the car and walk.

  • If you chose A then your entire journey may be ruled over by assholes making it a pretty smelly car ride. There are clowns to the left and jokers to the right. At least you still have companions but you are stuck in the middle. You want to go but you have to stay.

Stuck in the Middle with you - Stealers Wheel

  • If you chose B you may find yourself alone on a desert road for a long time. The loneliness and thirstiness may tear you apart.

  • In the desert you can't remember your name for there ain't no one to give you no pain.

    A Horse With No Name - America


    I chose B. I jumped out of the car. I wasn't going to stay with dangerous people, jokers and clowns controlling my life. I did a barrel roll to the side of the road and my life began a 180 o turn around.

    The desert humbles a person depriving him or her of water and giving cold winds at night and fainting heat during the day. Here in the desert a companion is a breath of fresh air and a soothing glass of water.

    I found a companion who lifted his hand to me,

    "Will you join me?"

    He was a friend. He picked me up, gave me a drink and walked me to the side of the road. We got in a new car and started the journey all over again as if nothing changed.

    There was no great revelation.

    There was just the car

    .......................and the journey.


    desert source

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    An interesting post that was timed perfectly for myself.

    I was toying with my next post topic, which floats in my mind most often when I'm waking up.

    It was going to be called

    Tired Of Being The Verb

    It was to discuss the never ending journey of becoming that leaves us scarred and longing for that end point that we push through all the muck to get to. Yet so rarely ever do get there. The disappointments from the sacrifices that so often seem in vain over time as one begins weighing the costs for the goal that one suspects now is unreachable. The change in desire from reaching that goal as it shifts to simply wanting some peace, some rest from it all ( the assholes in your car).

    A great movie due to its simplicity on this was called Circle of Iron. The premise being there is a book that holds the answers to all of life. Many warriors fight their way through often fatal scenarios in the hopes of reaching this book. The movie is around one such warrior who fights his way to the monastery that holds the book. His losses incredible, as well as the losses he witnesses from others. Here is the ending, once he reaches the monastery and "the book" that holds the answers.

    Thanks @practicalthought,

    You know this struggle more than anyone @practical thought...

    The secret ingredient is YOU!!!

    I assume there were some revelations - perhaps getting out of the car was one of them.

    One thing struck me over many years. One of my Tibetan teachers, my coeval, so not some venerable old man, said to me, "The problem with enlightenment is that it doesn't tell you what to do next!"

    Yes @rycharde,

    There is a revelation before getting out of the car. This happened several times. In college it was an associate I was staying with. He was trouble but I didn't know any other way. Then one day on a beautiful summer day I was in a car turning off Lake Shore drive onto the Dan Ryan expressway. The sun was perfect and the sky was perfect. My associate said, "There must be something more than us. There must be aliens." I was then convicted of the life I had been living and wanted to change. Whatever you call it, the "universe" was calling me. I distanced myself from bad company and tried to get myself together. The final step was across the ocean to Korea. Those relationships that were meant to be are even stronger. My leaving the car didn't change anything there.

    The friend we meet in troubles is a savior. I can't do much but hang out with this friend.