Beyond the Senses

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Did you see that? It's one of those beyond the sense moments.

But why limit this to just one moment?

What if every moment could be a beyond the senses moment?


magic cat on gifer

A little poem:

Beyond the senses

By Mineopoly

A moment is
A baby born
A Balloon popping
Getting dressed in the morning
The day’s first cigarette
Smelling fresh flowers
The swish of the net

A dandelion’s seed
Flying on a swing
Knitting a sweater
Worming a hook

A guitar string snap
A bra string strap
A dive in the pool
The kick of a ball

An egg on a frying pan
Opening the window drapes
Flapping the bed sheets
A parachute above your head

First base
First Wheelie
First fly fish
First kiss
First [email protected]&K
First screw
Holding hands at school

A baby’s footprint
A carbon foot print
Washed away in the sand
The morning after
With tears

Flying high
Landing at a doorstep
The click of a mouse
The clack of a mailbox
The bust of a silhouette

The sound of music
Swishing through a net
Flying through the air

Hands raised
Feet muddled
Missing the bus
Late for school

A strike!
No, a spare.
Did the Frisbee land there?

A parking ticket
Playing in the mud
Chasing a flock of geese
Slicing long division
Exact incision
Three in a row
Ready to go

Put the needle on the record
And flow

One kiss in time square
Eye liner

Close call
Last call

Starting the mower
A bag of chips
This one pricks
A bubble pops
A fish gets chopped
A page is turned
Cartwheels spin
Cheese sliced
Aunt Mae is nice
A bubble is burst
One shot of thirst
A little sugar
For the ride

Watch what’s inside.

Lost your balloon?
It’s on the moon.

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Fear is a padlock on perceptions.

Indeed, the very first thing to overcome when experimenting with new perceptions is... fear.

I guess you can look at it as each moment becoming a triumph over fear.