OMG- Hive go to sky...Now price $2.75

in blurtlife •  2 months ago 

OMG- Hive go to sky ... Now price $ 2.75

I don't really understand what's going on, just why I think we have friends who are connected to this #hive family, maybe even their heads are spinning.

The way prices are rising day by day leaves no room for saying that skyrocketing prices have gone up which no one else has ever imagined.
Maybe yesterday or the day before yesterday I saw in a user's post that this year or #hive could be $10. Maybe because cryptocurrency has no guarantee.

It proves that #hive is the way they rule the market right now in our #hive # 95 position here ... It is a matter of pride that it is a real pleasure to be among the 100 people who have 100 cryptocurrencies reigning all year long.
Friends, do you think this year may be #hive $10 before it is over, but I don't think there is anything incredible ...

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