Bitcoin stays volatile as BTC jumps $2.9K in 15 minutes before Wall St. open

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Bitcoin stays volatile as BTC jumps $ 2.9K in 15 minutes before Wall St. open ...


For several days now we have been seeing the Bitcoin market go down a lot due to which the rates of all the cryptocurrencies associated with Bitcoin have come down a lot but it is good for everyone when Bitcoin suddenly goes up in price.

I don't know much about marketing, but I will try to explain to you as much as I know. If there is any mistake, you can definitely let me know in the comments.

I actually got this information from an online platform I actually want to introduce it as news on our platform so that all other users do not know this news.

Right now, Bitcoin’s price action is rejecting heavily from that region, resulting in a breakdown of the price towards the support levels, once again. In that way, as long as Bitcoin stays beneath $ 60,000, there's no reason to become bullish. "

If Bitcoin gets to the right place, it will be good for everyone because we have a lot of small points and a lot of satisfaction. We are all going through a dilemma. I can.

Skittish Bitcoin darts around $ 60,000
Bitcoin (BTC) stayed true to form on Nov. 22

To see the whole news, of course, if you click on the link given below, you will be able to understand the full details very well. I hope you will come. Thank you.

News idea link 👇👇👇👇

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