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Hang on, is the bloody thing back again?

...not my end - it's all flowers and happiness...

Annnd now i see a flower again!

I'm very happy for you.....It's not a tranny flower, is it ?

They way it keeps turning it may be non binary...


4 (3) - Copy - Copy.jpg


I didn't say discuss me, you facist !

Yep , just waiting for the easter bunny to pop up in that O ,. sigh .

Ho'no , wait up ,... thisssjust in !


Road kill stew , here we come...

I didnt even mean to reblurt this shitpost, not sure what happened there, now i look like a troll...


  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Oh, I see the flower as well. It's nice. It's even moving. It looks like ''ромашка'' in Russian means chamomile. I really love it, it's so healing. We always have it home. I prefer to use it rather to buy any drugs, or to wait when my immune system helps me. ☺

Anything is an improvement on pseudo-politcal inferences of supporting a narrative , tbh....

That's interesting they changed it.

nothing to do with me! lol...bugger

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Nobody seems to have guts to upvote your post first, but I see your point and I gave this post an upvote for your tenacity to speak up. Without speaking up no one knows what you are thinking. I had similar feeling about a mark on the main blog. I know the intention was peace. I do so much more appreciate the flower.

If everyone is stuck labeling left thinkers or right thinkers then no one ever gets a chance to think straight.

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I upvoted that post. It said exactly what I've been thinking but wasn't scared to say it, just never occurred to me. I just thought the whole logo changing thing was a bit silly and even people I've tried to draw to here said it was annoying their eyes having this moving thing in the corner of the page.

Cheers, matey!

lol - yeah I was thinking that to (re any upvotes/ the timing , compered to my other posts).

It's not tenacity - It's about not being afraid - a quality sadly lacking in todays scared environments.

I need to write an add :
Do you want to say something, but are too scared to say it ?
..Come see @lucylin - if it has any veracity - I'll say it for you !

You may have a good side job as a copywriter. Not sure if any Blurts would run with it though.

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