How to make yourself smarter?

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Get to know yourself

There can be no substitute for knowing oneself. Every human being must have a good idea about himself. Now the question may be what do I know about myself? You need to know your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. If you can figure these out and solve them, no one has the power to hold you back.
Participate in group discussions

Participate regularly in friends or family chats. Informal chats can be one of the main sources of knowledge. There is a very common saying, "It will take you 3 days to read a book and learn what you will learn in a chat." This shows the importance of group discussion. Arguing in a chat will greatly increase your knowledge of refutation.

Participate in sports

You will notice that the players are more confident than everyone else. The reason behind this is to participate as a team, to take the pressure to win the game, to take advantage by using instant intelligence to deceive the opponent. All this has to be done with confidence. Regular teamwork will make you smarter.

Physical exercise

There is no substitute for regular exercise no matter what we do throughout the day. Healthy body, beautiful mind. Do 30 minutes of physical exercise every day and see what changes come inside you. If the body is good, then it will definitely make you look smart.

Get out for a walk

Try not to let boredom catch you. Go out with friends or family every 1/2 week. No matter where you are, far or near, spend some time together. Of course your boredom will go away. The more the mind flutters, the smarter you look.

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