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My today's quest was with a water splinter. I completed this quest easily. As a reward, I got total six cards and in which three are from old reward cards like DEMENTED SHARK - COMMON Water Monster, CHARLOK MINOTAUR - COMMON Fire Monster, and HARVESTER - COMMON Earth Monster.


My today's Quest Reward cards are ...


Much awaited new Splinterlands Reward cards are being revealed. Today, I got three rare cards from my quest. First one is VENARI WAVESMITH - RARE Water Monster (A rat-like people called venari are skilled technicians and mechanics who can make advanced devices and tools).


2nd card is TWILIGHT BASILISK - RARE Dragon Monster (The Twilight Basilisk is one of the fiercest predators. They are considered reptiles in the snake family).


3rd card is GARGOYA DEVIL - RARE Neutral Monster (The living stone creatures known as gargoya are an especially unique result of battle).


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The quest was with a water splinter.

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