The emotional lack of control

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It's amazing how little things in a few seconds can completely change your mood and the performance of what you were doing.

A clear example is being this post you are reading right now. When I opened it and got ready to write, the subject was totally different. I was still wandering around the ideas in my head to put together a really cool story, but in the meantime they came to talk to me where I'm sitting in front of the computer, with a topic totally unnecessary for this moment, a topic I didn't like to hear now and when I returned to focus on the computer, all that motivation from the post and the previous subject were gone. I even tried to start again, but the motivation, desire and especially creativity disappeared.

So I couldn't just stop writing and end my day either. Even with my mood changed, I took advantage of all this energy that came now in another way and I'm detailing it here for you. And with that, it is interesting for us to also think about various situations that happen to us on a daily basis and how emotional lack of control can make us take decisions that can change the course of the planned situation for the day.

Do you know that story of receiving a happy and wonderful good morning in the morning? Still mostly from people you consider? This can propel you to take different and more positive actions throughout the day. And the lack of good morning or already waking up having a day with demands and fights, can make your day's plans worse.

That's why I now avoid contact with certain people, news, comments on social networks, some "songs" among many other things that can end up changing my mood in a bad way, especially the ones I know I won't like to read, know and end up affecting me with it.

The episode that happened to me now here was very clear, it changed what I was writing, but I didn't stop posting and I decided to use it in my favor to talk about this subject here.

Think about it ;)

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