Blurtblog: Small Thoughts of a Sunday #03 - Exhaustion

in blurtlife •  6 months ago 


I feel exhausted in the mental sense! Physically not as much as I would like either.

Since I started focusing on playing Mir4 and making the Dracos there my "free" time has been on top of that every day. This, added to the day-to-day duties of the work I already do and requires a certain ability to concentrate and then focus on the game to continue the evolution, makes me realize that I am demanding a lot. But at the same time everything is still not enough. I am looking to reach a monthly financial stabilization. Either with my sales, adding also with gains in critpos without affecting my growth too much.

This led me to realize something else: How I was absent even more from my "other social networks". As the game is almost all the time running on my cell phone on automatic time when I'm not able to play, so I end up not accessing other types of networks throughout the day. Just what is needed from my sales when I need to respond to customers or share something on the store's instagram, but apart from that in my staff, almost nothing. Even my own whats, telegram I'm well absent.

My mind has been busy pretty much all the time I'm awake, which is good, but at the same time I feel this exhaustion on certain days. However, we continue...

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