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I do a deep realization of my thoughts and soul for what I perceived today how abusive words can change someone’s life. We can’t live in a perfect life even though you are born with a silver spoon. Each of us should go the same path from joy to broken and this test how firm we are in any circumstances in life. Since we are now living in a world with high technology, we can be judged anytime and anywhere. The worst thing in this world is how people losses their tongues by spitting unacceptable words which could possibly the hindrance why we get stuck or lose interest in how to make ourselves progress in a good condition. No matter how we try to escape from reality but still reality hits hard.

Photography by Me | Shot With Canon 80d

As part of my routine for me to breathe fresh air and meditate, I often saw this man near the shore. I heard lots of stories about what happened to this man but I am not the type of person who will stay there according to other people’s talks but I am into exploring from his good sides. Mistakes taught the best part of life because it’s where we learn. I am just trying to see what are the good things this man did and how people grateful to have him. This kind of situation in life really teaches us how important to us to someone. For instance, you are wealthy of whatever you now then you are as good as a perfume, people love to stick on you but when you have nothing, true friends can be counted in fingers.

Photography by Me | Shot With Canon 80d

Photography by Me | Shot With Canon 80d

What I am trying to emphasize here is that, No matter how we know or not know the person we should not say anything bad because we are not aware how sensitive the person is and we should not easily believe the hear and say because it doesn’t bring any good at all.

Photography by Me | Shot With Canon 80d

Photography by Me | Shot With Canon 80d

People judged according to his appearance and telling me I don’t deserve to talk to a person like him because he’s not stable then I can tell to myself who cares? I tried to approach him in a nice way though it was not successful because he was not responding but I totally understood why and I respect that. We may not able to have a chance to talk but I am happy enough watching him every morning sitting on his favorite seat and by simply looking at the sea and most of the mornings by the sunrise.

Photography by Me | Shot With Canon 80d

The image tries to portray how peaceful life will be without any distractions or not surrounded by toxic people. I do hope this short blog of mine teaches us that we can extend our help to someone no matter what his or her past was because everyone deserves a chance.

Photography by Me | Shot With Canon 80d

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