There is a fire, many houses will come in range, we live in the same extent where they also live. Dtube

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a peaceful weekend..
We are currently going through a phase where no one can be sure what the coming moment will be like for him.
No one has escaped the harsh blows of time. Time does not discriminate against anyone, whether it is poor or rich. Those responsible people who are playing with the lives of individuals at this time should not forget that those people also fall in the same extent. More and more people involved in the training of Panchayat elections are currently suffering from Corona infection, some of whom have said goodbye to this life. Everyday some partner is dying. It is very sad, but what can we do? Those who think that they are away from this trouble, then they should not forget that if we are part of the society, then it can be faced from anywhere.
Thank you

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