I Am Alive challenge Day-325 Recent highlights and update taking covid-19.

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a peaceful day ahead..
This is my iamalivechallenge update that is happening around me.. After traveling for 5 hours continuously, I reached my home town today. At present, the holiday of summer vacation is going on, which will be for the next 45 days.
In the evening I was eager to go to my farmland. Therefore, after reaching home, completed the formalities first, after taking a bath, changed clothes and went towards the fields. After spending 1 hour with the lush green environment, it turned dark and returned home. In this pandemic period it is the most safe and suitable place where I can spend my time. It is a peaceful place far away from the crowds where mental peace as well as physical fatigue is overcome.
Hope life has been going good for you..

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