How to start passive income?

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You need to know what "passive income" is before making passive income. From the type of question you asked, you know everything about passive income, why this business model is so attractive and profitable. Again, since I don't even know how much skill you have or what exactly you are experienced in, I don't think too much about difficult or difficult options, but rather give you some ideas that are relevant to the place and time of the country. But it can be beneficial.
The best passive income options for 2020 were - dropshipping business, buying stock or shares, blogging, youtube, website theme etc. While these are very good sources of income, for many it seems quite complex. So today I will not write about something so difficult, but I will talk about three sources of income that can get you started in a very short time.
Sell digital products
There are several websites for graphic designers like social media - Behans, Dribble, Pinterest etc. Over the past few months, I have been seeing many trends in the UI design of websites and mobile apps on these platforms.
If you want, you can create design templates for mobile apps or business websites and sell them now in marketplaces like Behans, Everneto Market, Selfie. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.
Selling templates is certainly nothing new, but it is still equally profitable due to the trend in some cases. If there is uniqueness in the design, it is possible to sell 100+ templates per month without marketing, even if only by selling business card templates.
Affiliate Marketing
I can hear a lot of praise for affiliate marketing from college friends these days. I have heard the name Crowd1 (no worries, it is not an affiliate link) from many people. It is very easy to double the capital in a month by investing only 6 thousand rupees or by referring more friends. However, before starting affiliate marketing, you must start with the advice of an experienced person.

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